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what pushchair shall i take?!

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sanAndreas Thu 07-Aug-08 08:26:20

Sorry a bit of a stupid question, but we are going away tommorow and im in a dilemma which is the best pushchair to take with us(abroad).

I have a lovely Petite Star zIA 3 WHEELER which folds in 2 seconds, very small, very easy to push and reclines quite well. However, i dont think it will give much shade. The hood pulls quite low, but the baby pulls himself up out of the shade a lot. I could get a canopy today i suppose. Also, i imagine the material he sits on might be a bit warm and sweaty in the heat.

Our other buggy is a Mamas and Papas Pulse, which although is light and east to use, is a bit more bulky and doesnt fold or push so easily. It does recline completely flat though and has a cool summer liner inside so probably more comfy for ds and we have a parasol.

dO I GO FOR EASE OF USE OR comfort overall for ds who is 10mths?

Sorry daft question, but its bothering mesmile

Lomond Thu 07-Aug-08 08:46:45

I would go with the comfort for your ds. If he is comfortable and happy you won't care whether it is a bit less user friendly and will enjoy your holiday more!

sanAndreas Thu 07-Aug-08 08:49:17

Thats what my dp said! I know it makes sense, im being stupid. Its just cos i like the 3 wheeler more and its so nice to manoevre! Stupid i know!

ChopsTheDuck Thu 07-Aug-08 09:04:41

why cant you put a parasol on the one that is easier to push? If you are going to do a lot of walking, etc. you might regret taking the pulse.

sanAndreas Thu 07-Aug-08 09:17:34

Cant put the parasol on as its red and white spotty and the Zia is turquoise, it would look daft! Otherwise i would have done that, should have bought a matching parasol for the Zia shouldnt i?

mamadiva Thu 07-Aug-08 09:33:33

SanAndreas although I would say go for comfort I would have thought the Zia was comfortable and you will be doing a lot of walking probably so I'd take that. If I were you I'd just use the parasol you have, you'd be surprised how many people do it with parasols and footmuffs. As long as it does the job then don't waorry about it plenty of people going abroad probably do the same thing too. Maybe put something in between you DS and pushchair, do you have a liner?

sanAndreas Thu 07-Aug-08 09:37:33

No liner for zia and pulse one wouldnt fit. Zia does look comfy, just think material may be a bit sweaty thats all compared to the cotton liner in the pulse. To be honest im thinking that the parasol might not fit the zia anyway cos the bars are a lot wider at the sides and a funny shape. God i wish id bought another pushchair now!

mamadiva Thu 07-Aug-08 09:43:47

LOL I'm on my 3rd pushchair now for my 2YO DS. I haven't found one yet that doesn't have a fault .

If I were you I'd take the Pulse then your DS will be totally comfy(which normally results in a happy child=happy mummy).

sanAndreas Thu 07-Aug-08 09:47:08

I might have to take the pulse as time is ticking away and i havent really got time to go to the shops and buy a parasol.Ive still got to fit in housework/packing/nails/hair!! Mind you, i bet i could get one from Boots? I thionk its cos i really want to take the zia which is really silly of me as the pulse has everything we need!Arrgh! Im going mad over a buggy!

sanAndreas Thu 07-Aug-08 09:50:08

If i could get a parasol for the zia then do you think it would be a problem that its a little bit sweaty for ds to lie on compared to the pulse?lol

dinkystinky Thu 07-Aug-08 11:56:31

Go for comfort for DS if you can.

blithedance Thu 07-Aug-08 22:33:37

We travelled last year to the Med with a Pulse, our other buggy is a big Phil and Ted (so the Pulse was the lightweight alternative). It was fine and in the scale of buggies is not that bulky. It's an old one and didn't have any cool liner but DS didn't seem particularly overheated - there are too many other variables such as clothes, shade etc.

I was worrying over which pushchair until the night before!

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