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Mini Cooper and pram system! HELP!

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MacMac123 Mon 04-Aug-08 18:45:25

Right, does anyone know what the deal is with a Mini Cooper and a car seat and a pram that actually fits into the boot?
I have a mini and I am NOT NOT NOT getting rid of it. I have discovered that the Bugaboo Bee fits into the boot with the parcel shelf down (I auctlaly got them to put it in the boot from the shop to prove it to me) and I believe the Mamas & Papers Luna fits too. Does anyone else know if it actually genuinely does fit, or of any other from birth prams/push chairs that do?
Also, what is the deal with the car seat? Does the general maxi cosi seat not fit either? Cripes! There is a gap in the market for someoen to invent push chairs/car seats/prams that fit into a mini - there are so many women that drive minis it seems ridiculous that its such a pain.
Anyway, if anyone is less clueless than I am please do let me know!

Housemum Mon 04-Aug-08 23:47:18

Friend had a Quinny Zapp that fitted - might be worth trying the Buzz as the Zapp doesn't go from birth?

As for car seat, has to be in front (if a modern Mini disable the airbag) - go to the Britax website and click "Fit Finder" - you enter the make and model of your car and it tells you which of their seats fits.

PurlyQueen Tue 05-Aug-08 00:04:50

I saw a Mini car with a Maxi Cosi seat fitted today. I believe you can use that with the Quinny Zapp frame for newborns.

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