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Useful French phrases for fussy eaters

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AMumInScotland Sun 03-Aug-08 17:14:48

Or "What I learned on my holidays"

"Saucisses de Strasbourg" are the kind of sausages you get in hotdogs.

It's worth saying "Bien cuit" for burgers as well as steak.

And even though you can always get a carafe of tap-water, the bottled mineral water is often colder.

flipflopper Mon 04-Aug-08 16:18:06

When we were in france last month we ordered ds a burger and even thogh we asked for it well done it was still red in the middle... he just ate the edges!

Lilymaid Mon 04-Aug-08 16:31:57

"Il est anglais. Il apprendra." At least that is what I have always said about my fussy DS2.

cremolafoam Mon 04-Aug-08 16:35:18

"Il est vegetarien" followed by a sympathetic gallic shrug.

"Elle est Irlandaise. Elle ne mange rien que pommes de terre"

flipflopper Mon 04-Aug-08 16:47:08

I asked for a potato juice instead of an apple juice! Oops

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