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Lone Parent Consent?

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Tarkhova Sun 03-Aug-08 17:05:38

I am a UK national (born in Russia) and I am taking my 2 year old daughter for a 2 month visit to Russia this week.

Unfortunately my husband cannot come with us as he has to work.

I am just having a last minute panic about whether or not I will need my husband's written permission to take our daughter to Russia.

If so, what form does it need to take ie will just a straight forward letter signed by him suffice or does it need notarising. Is there a standard legal form?

I have searched the web but all I can find is advice pertaining to divorced or separated parents which we are not.

Many thanks,


NotQuiteCockney Sun 03-Aug-08 17:31:16

I've travelled alone with a child to Canada, which is particularly strict about child trafficking (particularly estranged parents - which I wasn't, but how would the immigration folk know that?).

I carried just a regular letter from DH, saying I had his permission to travel with DS1 to Canada on such and such a date. (not notarised or anything)

My situation was a bit strange, too, in that DS1 has DH's surname, but I don't. And DS1 has a British passport, while I still have a Canadian one.

Anyway, the Canadians asked if I had a letter, and I showed it to them, along with a photocopy of DS1's birth certificate (showing I was his mum). This worked fine.

temmy99 Mon 04-Aug-08 13:36:47

It might be worth attaching a copy of dh's passport to the letter then straightforward the signature can be matched to the letter and should be pretty sufficient. I went to Germany recently with my son and because my son does not have my surname, I was stopped by the immigration and questioned. They did not understand why I was not using my married name when my son was ???? I showed them my maiden name on his birth certificate but they warned me that next time it would not be accepted, you can't have too much information, have a nice trip.

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