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Based in Sydney for three more weeks. Fancy a trip, but to where...?

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Smee Fri 01-Aug-08 11:48:02

Spoilt brat in Oz here, has just over 3 weeks left. We're based in Sydney due to work, but can escape for a few days here and there. Done a lot of what we want to in Sydney and whilst we can keep doing it, be good to see a bit more of the country. We're planning Blue Mountains, but have room for something else too. Maybe somewhere warmer even. So any tips anyone? Two adults plus 4 year old DS. I know we need to go further North if we're to get a bit more heat, but money isn't unlimited...

meshellby Fri 01-Aug-08 14:26:47

Hey Smee, have you tried Eaglereach Resort? Its about 2-3hr North of Sydney, further on from Hunter Valley, really peaceful (but little one will not be disturbing anyone!) and stunning views - lots of kangaroos around resort as well, but you're probably bored with those! Otherwise, you could head a bit further south from you by about an hour or so and go to Jervis Bay, there are some stunning beaches around there, squeaky sand its so clean!

copycat Sat 02-Aug-08 09:40:20

Hi Smee, Have you tried jetstar or virginblue for cheap flights to the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast - virginblue sometimes have late afternoon midweek flights for $65 each way. Not very cheap I know but if you really want to warm up it might be worth checking online to see if there are any cheaper flights available.

Smee Sat 02-Aug-08 12:31:39

thank you both! I will do some searching.
copycat, am onto flights, though so far have failed to find anything less than $129 each way. Scuppered too as DS is four so will cost a bit more than if he'd been 3 still. Will keep searching though as $65 sounds affordable.
meshellby, apart from the zoo, we've so far failed to see one Kangaroo, so would actually love to see a few more.!

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