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Insurance advise please

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poorbuthappy Fri 01-Aug-08 10:14:24

Morning all

I'm going on holiday in 2 weeks time to Italy for 10 days.
Looking for decent travel insurance which will cover me being 20 weeks pregnant with id twins.

I am really bad at travel insurance anyway, it usually takes me days to decide who to go with and then my choice is sooooo random!

thanking you!

Jackstini Fri 01-Aug-08 10:16:42

Try - it will give you the best comparison sites

cmotdibbler Fri 01-Aug-08 10:21:37

You'd be best going to an insurance broker as they are then responsible for making sure that the policy covers you fully and that all information has been given to the company. If anything happened, they'd also deal with the insurers direct.

Make sure that you have good hospital cover, and that it includes repatriation of you and the babies if it came to that.

Look in the Yellow Pages for brokers close to you.

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