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Mark Warner - Paleros, Greece. Anybody been?

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fuzzyfelt Thu 10-Feb-05 12:20:08

Just about to book a MW holiday. I know that this is an older MW resort so is a bit cheaper than the others, but is it still OK?

littleweed Thu 10-Feb-05 12:27:07

we went there last summer with ds who was 10 months adn I thought it was fab adn would go agin like a shot. only thing I didn't like was that they didn't have bay listening in teh rooms, just nannies patrolling adn I thouhg that was abit risky with a little one. we bboked them as baby sitters every evening which was better for peace of mind. can't comment on the sports part as we just blobbed by teh pool all week but loved it!

fuzzyfelt Thu 10-Feb-05 19:20:20

Thanks! It's booked. Am so excited!

bluesky Thu 10-Feb-05 19:30:11

I know you're booked, but just to say it's great, there are several threads on Paleros from a few years ago as I remember looking at them before we booked. The reason it works so well is that the Greeks run it, they have a Greek manager and he has been there for years. It is very pretty and clean. Basic rooms. Lots of lizards and things for children to see en-route to places. Laundry so don't pack loads just your persil! The sand isn't great, it's quite 'dusty' but the sea was lovely and warm.

I really liked the food, good kids suppers - great choice. Nannies very good. I wasn't too sure about the patrolling, so did sneakily follow them at the beginning and they do genuinely go every 15 mins and listen up at each door with their ear to the door, they have their walkie talkies and then can immediately report back to 'base' and a board goes up in the restaurant. Mine don't tend to wake so I felt OK, but would book a babysitter if I was at all worried, as you need to able to relax after all!

You do feel a bit that you wouldn't know you were in Greece! But you can walk to the nearest town along the coast, not far at all, quite alot of people go to the supermarket for supplies and to visit the little bars. We took a full day boat trip out which was lovely but TOO much full on heat for one of my ds, even though we kept him in the shade, with a hat on, he still had sunstroke the next day. It was HOT! After lunch each day we went to lie down in our airconditioned room for an hour or two, to get out of the main heat of the day.


ks Thu 10-Feb-05 19:37:09

Message withdrawn

bluesky Fri 11-Feb-05 09:19:32

anyone tempted by the new Egypt one?

fuzzyfelt Fri 11-Feb-05 09:45:15

Thanks everyone. I've heard that Paleros is a bit 'tired' which I don't mind at all, as long as the other MW standards are the same as the other resorts. If they are closing it down soon, hope that they're not in wind down mode!

We were tempted by the Egypt one but noticed that not as much is included in the price - wine is extra and only one restaurant is included. There are other restaurants but you have to pay a nominal charge - 10 euros a head I think. Am sure it will be great tho' and it's open all year round! Perhaps we'll go next time when our bank balance has recovered from this one!

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