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Holiday for one?

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unavailable Thu 31-Jul-08 15:47:45

I think I am having a mid life crisis/shirley valentine moment.... I am 44 and my only ds is 18 and no longer does family holidays. My dp and I are not getting on too well and i think spending some time apart could be good for both of us. The idea of going away on my own is quite appealing but also a little scary. Does anyone have any suggetions for a destination that would suit a woman of a certain age travelling alone in September? I dont have much of a budget, but am quite keen on culture/ history/ architecture and sun. I am not a seasoned traveller, and not very fit or adventurous, so no treking up the Andes or white water rafting please. I guess the thing that worries me that I may spend every night alone in my hotel room with a room service sandwich and glass of rioja because i am too self-conscious to eat alone in a restaurant.
Are there any holiday destinations to suit me and my neuroses. All suggestions gratefully considered.

lilyloo Thu 31-Jul-08 15:53:50

What about doing one of the 'singles' package typr hols ?
Mu dad has done a few of them for the reason you aren't sat on your own every evening. He has found them good and kept in touch with a few people.
He is going to Greece soon. He also been to dominican republic and on a gulet in Turkey.
He says you can do pretty much your own thing if you want which he does in the day then meets up for a meal in the evening.
There is usually a group that 'clicks' and stays together so guess you find some like minded people in the group.

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