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Help! Car seat dilemma!

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milliesmama Wed 09-Feb-05 18:16:04

Our holiday abroad includes a 45min taxi ride to the hotel. Dd is 1yr and her car seat is too big to take on the plane...what do we do? Advice please!

Angeliz Wed 09-Feb-05 18:27:56

They'll take it as luggage.

hercules Wed 09-Feb-05 18:46:25

ASk the taxi firm to hold it for you so can also bring it for return journey.

LIZS Wed 09-Feb-05 19:02:42

Can you prebook a taxi with car seat - we did in Majorca and it exceeded our expectations. Try the arrival airport website as a starting point. Otherwise bubble wrap yours and check it in.

Horras Thu 10-Feb-05 09:48:11

Have travelled quite extensively with dd who is 6 months and have taken my car chair everywhere. They book it on as outsized baggage and don't regard it as part of your luggage allowance. That is BA anyway and a couple of other domestic airlines in South Africa. Take it with - it is not something you want to take a chance with!

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