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Little toys to keep ds (2) amused on plane journey

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Bradsmum Wed 09-Feb-05 15:11:47

I went out to the shops today to try and find several little toys that I could wrap for ds to play with on the plane and hopefully keep amused along with books. Came back empty handed. There is nothing that either doesn't make a noise, or a mess which will p... off other passengers. Has anyone got any ideas?

Skribble Wed 09-Feb-05 15:44:06

Thats difficult lots of great toys but with bits to drop everywhere.

Perhaps a small bead frame, don't know how long it would hold interest.
A cube type jigsaw you used to get one with platic cubes that fitted into a tray and had individual pitures on somesides and a big picture to make up on the others.
If you take any toys with "bits" make sure they are big enough to find easily under seats. Nothing round as it will roll away never to be seen again. I suppose at 2yrs you waon't have small bits anyway.
Shame you can't get headphones for those noisy toys.

How long will the flight be and are there seat back tv's.

Mine are 5 and 8 and were easy to amuse with drawing stuff and DVD's to watch on DH's laptop.

Head for ELC and refuse to leave until they come up with some ideas .

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