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Car seat for camper van/ lap belt

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daisy99divine Tue 29-Jul-08 10:04:33

Hello, any tips on types of car seats that use a lap belt only - we have just bought a VW camper and need a lap belt car seat asap since off on hols next week! grin

hellsbells76 Tue 29-Jul-08 10:06:58

how old is the child? pretty sure you'd need a 3 point harness which is what we've got in our camper - you may need to get one fitted.

LIZS Tue 29-Jul-08 10:17:03

You can get Stage 1's (9-18kg) for use with a lap belt only - like this.

daisy99divine Tue 29-Jul-08 10:17:15

our child is 2. the camper is old and only has lap belts, but I have read that there are lap belt only child seats (mostly designed for middle seats) which is what I'm after!
what's your camper, did you have 3 points fitted? we couldn't see how grin

daisy99divine Tue 29-Jul-08 10:19:08

thanks LIZS

hellsbells76 Tue 29-Jul-08 15:28:00

it's a 1980 T25, the back seats have 3 points fitted but it was done before i bought it. isn't the front passenger seat fitted with a 3 point harness? i sometimes put dd's car seat in the front as she loves sitting up there (obviously no air bag issues in a van that age!)

BettySpaghetti Tue 29-Jul-08 15:40:12

Have you tried googling -it should bring you to various camper/VW forums where you might find the relevant info. In fact, why not find a good forum and post a request for advice as there are probably loads of people who have been in a similar situation?

We have an old Beetle that came without rear seat belts but we had them fitted and found car seat advice on one of the forums.

cheesesarnie Tue 29-Jul-08 15:42:56

if ou find specialist either vw or just classic car specialist they should be able to atleast have a look for you.we had 3 point seatbelts put in our morris 1000.couldnt get one in middle so thats lap belt(thats where i have to sitenvy

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