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Costa del Sol - Torrox

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knot Wed 09-Feb-05 08:46:49

anyone been to Torrox? the Hotel Riu Ferrara?
whats it like am looking at it for our first holiday with DS says it is okay for families, anyone been?

knot Thu 10-Feb-05 08:12:11

bumping message

tiredemma Thu 10-Feb-05 08:34:52

torrox is a very traditional spanish town ( whitewash houses etc)and very close to nerja which i think is one of the most beautiful places in southern spain. its very pretty and relaxed, the coastal area (torrox costa) which is where the riu is has a lot of history and is popular with holiday makers but not the louts!

in my experience riu are an excellent chain of hotels, id definetly stay in this hotel- this part of spain is afavourite of mine and i think your family would love it- they love little kids in this part.

id say yes!

dixia Fri 11-Feb-05 19:42:56

How old is your son?

We live in Malaga, I have a son who is 2. When are you coming? Want a visitor and some advice about good things to do?

Blackduck Sun 13-Feb-05 09:32:58

Stayed in Nerja (bc...- well actually pg!) lovely place - great places to eat....Torrox - think we might have gone into one day (can't remember...!) But nice bit of the Costas...
Glad he saw sense Knot

knot Sun 13-Feb-05 09:55:41

hi all, ds will be 7 months when we travel, dixia what would yourecommend to do round that way?

WestCountryLass Sun 13-Feb-05 20:21:40

I know that area reasonably well as my Mum lives about 20 mins away. We drove past that hotel and thought we would like to stay there, it looks very nice and the Rui chain has a very good reputation

There is a water park near Velez Malaga (Torre del Mar) which is close and I am sure your DS would like to splash around. There is also a big shopping mall there, you can hire kiddie cars for the kids to drive while you shop there

We had a lovely day in Nerja, we went on a land train trip around the town and then had icecreams on the balcon.

HTH, have a great time!

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