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Packing for 3 week holiday - tips while it is fresh in my mind!

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Soapbox Sun 27-Jul-08 22:07:06

We are just back from a 3 week holiday to the US and having massively overpacked I am writing a packing list which I will refer to next time I am going on holiday.

You are welcome to use it too!

It assumes that there is access to a washing machine. The holiday we had was all hot, one week beach, one week lakes and mountains, one week big city.

So for me:

Two pairs shorts
Two pairs linen trews
One pair evening trousers
5 t-shirts
2 smarter tops
2 evening tops
2 casual dresses
1 evening dress
1 sweatshirt
1 cardi/wrap
2 swimming cossies
one beach cover up.
a few bits of jewellery
make up
skin care
minimal toiletries (you can buy what you need there!
underwear for one week
one change of gym kit (can be washed)
1 pair flipflops
1 pair trainers
1 pair smart sandals.

4 pairs shorts
1 pair trousers
2 dresses (DD)
2 smart shirts (DS)
7 t-shirts each
2 smarter tops each
1 sweatshirt each
Toothbrush/flannel etc
sandals and trainers each
2 pairs pjs each
2 swimming cossies.

3 shorts
2 long trousers
3 evening shirts
7 t-shirts
2 smarter polo shirts
underwear for 7 days
2 swim shorts
one change of gym kit (can be washed)
smart shoes
deck shoes (DH hates sandals)

one suncream (can buy others there)
DS lites and games
2 books each (1 each if English books available)
Camera and spare memory cards.

I will amend over next few days as I do the unpacking of our mountain of clothes - most of them unworn!

Callisto Mon 28-Jul-08 14:30:40

Thanks for this Soapbox, I'm going to find it v useful. Shame there isn't a sticky thread for stuff like this.

Allwayslateofearley Sun 03-Aug-08 17:34:37

I am on hols next week & have just taken notes to help me pack as we always take FAR to much.

Agree this needs to be somewhere easy to find.

Thanks for listing it, this is something I always mean to do, but have never got round to.

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