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Miami Hotels - Suggestions Please

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Seagull Tue 08-Feb-05 22:36:23

going to be in Miami for a week in March with kids aged 10 & 11. Can anyone recommend a good hotel in Miami or within one hour drive of Miami. Ft. Lauderdale, Boca all ok. Any good ideas for the kids to visit or eat? thanks.

sammac Tue 08-Feb-05 22:45:38

Fort Lauderdale has a good Discovery Museum with an Imax in it. Also got trips on the boat up the intercoastal, or go visit the Everglades on an airboat. Often festivals on at weekend, which are great.

Don't spend much time in Miami, but spent 3 weeeks in Boca last summer, and racking my brains. Some good museums- a cartoon one, the mall! And again going on the water ogling all the houses and boats. There's a lot of outdoor activity centres around which are fun. We spent a lot of time beside the pool, but will put my thinking cap on!

Seagull Tue 08-Feb-05 23:31:12

thanks sammac. where did you stay?

sammac Wed 09-Feb-05 18:20:39

Hi Seagull, I'm really lucky as my cousin lives there, and although we're far apart in distance, we're very close. Our mums were sisters and my cousin used to get sent over to stay with us during the school holidays, so we spent the summers together till we were 17. Which is a long way of saying we stay with her! She now lives on the intercoastal in Boca, but used to live in Ft Lauderdale, then Plantation. So not much help there am afraid.

FL has a lot of nice hotels right on the beach, tho' I've not stayed, I've eaten( and drinkied) in them) Depends what you're after. Obviously quieter than Miami. Los Olas is the upmarket street, with nice restuarants and shops.

We always visit Butterfly World here when we're over. Started when dd was 2 and is now 11, and still loves it. Also go to the movies to get a film that's not out yet at home. Some of the movie theatres have the outdoor centres next door, and are for older children, not toddlers, like here.

I've been going over since 1977, and love it, am very of you!

If I can catch my cousin, I'll ask her for ideas too.

MeerkatsUnite Thu 10-Feb-05 13:10:32

Fontainbleu Hilton in Miami is very family oriented from reading reviews. Have a look a for more information on Miami hotels.

South Beach as an area (the place where the art deco hotels and fancy bars are situated) is not really designed with families in mind; its more for adults.


Seagull Sat 12-Feb-05 15:57:04

Thank you MeerkatsUnite and sammac. Anyone else stayed in the area who can offer advise on hotels?

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