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Aarrghh...! I hate packing.

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roisin Sat 26-Jul-08 14:34:06

Normally I get the boys to pack all their own stuff, but all our trips atm seem complex for various reasons, and I've taken over.

Also last time we went walking (away just one night) we got very wet, and the boys ended up changing into their PJs to come home as they were the only thing dry. So now I'm wanting to pack extra.

I've also cleaned and re-proofed all 4 sets of boots and walking jackets/trousers.

Last week the boys did day camps on Windermere, which meant a bag to pack every day and at least two complete sets of wet/muddy clothes per child per day for the laundry.

This trip is only for 3 days - why does it seem so complicated?! What happened to my holiday? shock

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