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My lovely mum has offered to take me and 2 DD's away next year so suggestions please!

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ChirpyGirl Fri 25-Jul-08 14:25:14

DD1 will be 3.1 and DD2 will be 1.5
It is the week when DH works 12 hour days so he is not coming. She has offered to pay for everything (i love her!) but I am stuck as to where to go!

So far we have Disneyland Paris suggested by a mate, (but will DD2 be too young?)
Or a selfcatering villa, (but that's not very relaxing for either of us.)
I don't want to go somewhere where I just dump the kids in a club and laze (well, not everydaygrin) as I want them to have quality time with their granny.

Leslaki Fri 25-Jul-08 23:10:50

a big campsite in France/Spain?italy wher the kids can rampage by day and you and mum can drink wine by night? Loads to do on these hols and I swear by them!!! Have been going since dd was 1.5!

pinkteddy Fri 25-Jul-08 23:29:31

Wouldn't recommend Disney at this age. Have you looked at First choice holidays? Loads of recommendations on this site if you search.

ChirpyGirl Sat 26-Jul-08 07:48:41

forgot to mention mum has crohns and needs 'proper' loos.

camping ok but i dont want to have to cook, at all!

will try that pinkteddy, ta

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