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will I need a mosquito net in Spain?

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Mercedes Fri 25-Jul-08 13:45:07

We're going caravanning in Spain on the Costa Blanca at Palafruguel. We haven't been somewhere in the mediterranean for years in summer time. As Mosquitos love to bite me I wondered whether I would need a net or am I just going OTT.
Also if we did get one how do you put it up?

Mercedes Sat 26-Jul-08 13:52:09

nobody got any advice?

falcon Sat 26-Jul-08 14:01:35

After a quick Google it seems that a mosquito net would be a good idea.

Some are freestanding needing no supports, though these might be a little too bulky to take with you.

Others just need one or two hooks.

itwasntme Sat 26-Jul-08 14:07:49

Depends really.. we are in Barcelona and get eaten alive by mosquitos, but we were in the Costa Brava a few weeks ago camping and none of us got bitten. Take one just in case.

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