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Anyone know of or used travel cot sides?

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fredtbad Tue 08-Feb-05 14:34:59

We're going to Rome in 6 weeks with a nearly 3 yo and a 15 mo. The room we have is a quad, double and two singles. But we don't know the room layout and whether the singles can be pushed together and up against a wall.
Does any one know of cot sides that are very portable which attach to a single bed so my youngest doesn't fall out? He's in a cot at home but the room won't be large enough to have a cot as well apparently.
All suggestions welcomed

fredtbad Tue 08-Feb-05 14:54:36

bump anyone??

Snugs Tue 08-Feb-05 15:00:26

How about these

PrettyCandles Tue 08-Feb-05 15:10:12

Babydan do a good bedguard that folds down quite small. Sorry, can't remember where we got ours, but if you Google Babydan you're bound to be able to find suppliers. For a 15mo you may need more than one so that you can barrier the whole length of the bed, as he may wriggle around all over the 'huge' space.

fredtbad Tue 08-Feb-05 20:23:35

Thank you soooo much for the suggestions, ladies. I have bought the Babydan one.

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