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feeding 6 month old whilst away

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spottedandstriped Wed 23-Jul-08 20:38:29

We have bravely booked a holiday in a few months time in Italy at a hotel which is "Boutique" but claims to be childfriendly (cots, highchairs etc on offer). Although I was really pleased with myself for booking it, I am now starting to worry about how I cope with food whilst I am there. What do people generally do if you stay in a hotel abroad - take it with you? Where do you usually feed at teatime (I know this is a strange question - but this hotel has a "smart" restaurant, despite the high chairs) do you ask if you can go into the restaurant early to feed little one, or feed in the room?? All thoughts/advice and experience on this welcomed......

pinkspottywellies Wed 23-Jul-08 21:23:28

Will he be just 6 months or quite a bit over 6 months? You might find you can hold off weaning until you get back to save any hassle!!

Or have you heard of Baby Led Weaning? There's lots about it on here but you basically give lo what you're eating - as long as there's no salt. So at that stage he would just have a bit of veg.

Hope you get some more suggestions, but there's some things to think about.

girliefriend Wed 23-Jul-08 22:34:36

hello I took my dd too spain when she was 6 months and I was worred about the feeding side of things but actually it turned out to be quite stress free. It helped that I was still breast feeding so I didn't have to worry too much about sterilising bottles and formula. She ate a combination of cereals and jars of food that I took with us and a bit of whatever we were having that was suitable ie banana, avacardo, fruit, toast. It is difficult to plan too much in advance when you have a baby and my advice would be try not too worry and play it by ear. I would take some food with you, I know some people will frown on the use of jars and powdered baby food but personally I don't think there is much harm in using them for short periods of time when you are away, esp if it saves you some worry! xXx

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