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lots of questions...sorry!! on travelling with almost 12 month old pleeeeeeze!!

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inzidoodle Tue 22-Jul-08 21:54:06

Hi smile

we are going to Tenerife at the end of October, DD will be almost 1 year old and I have sooooo many (probably stupid hmm!!) questions.

we are taking our own pram so: do we have to pay for carriage? when does it get taken into the hold? I dont want to not have use of it in the departure lounge area, is it taken when the bags are checked in?

on board: we are flying with monarch, will there be changing facilites? what on earth can we do to entertain a squiggly wiggly baby! she wont sit still for 5 seconds now so god knows how bad it will be then!!

should we take our own nappies (enough to last 2 weeks)?

what about formula we currently use premade aptimal, I dont even know how much she will be taking at that point she has 3 feeds a day now, probably less by then hmm?

food: we are all vegetarian but are staying all inclusive so am worried there wont be a good choice of healthy veggie foods (lentils,protein rich foods etc) should I take baby food over?

sterilising, will I still be steralising bottles at almost 1 year old? if so should I take my sterilising unit/ same for bottle warmer?

we have a travel cot, but do we need something (like sun tent) for at the pool/beach?

are baby sun suits better than swimsiut/swim nappy?

we are going to hire a car for a few days, are we best taking our own seat (again how does carriage work?)

water: is it safe for my DD to drink bottled water?

really stupid question, was planning on buying DD holiday clothes etc in sales but she will be just coming up for 12months do I buy 9-12month items or 12month+ grin sorry to sound so stupid blush but how on earth will I know what size is best for 3 months ahead!!!!!!!!!!

any top tips (please) for travelling

thank you

inzidoodle Tue 22-Jul-08 22:21:06


inzidoodle Tue 22-Jul-08 23:03:42

bump grin

toddlerhip Tue 22-Jul-08 23:30:46

1 - no. at the plane corridor.

2 - bottle. chocolate. new toys. walk around, hang around in the areas at the end with baby and talk to people. calpol for ears if necc. check with dr re ears before flying if lo has cold.

3 - yes. foreign ones will be wrong size / leak / the shops will be closed when you need them.

4 - dunno, but make sure you have plenty with you. the premade packs are a godsend. Dont rely on them having it there

5 - i would if you're worried. you don't have to use it.

6 - wouldn't bother at home, but might be more circumspect abroad especially as it is somehow a pain trying to wash and dry bottles properly in a hotel room. Wouldn't bother buying a travel steriliser at 12 months but normal ones are HUGE to pack. Look into microwave steam bags if you are going to have a microwave handy. They take up hardly any room.

7 - Useful. Not essential. this will do the job of both travel cot and sunshade. Also great playtent for home if you have the space in house / flat / garden.

8 - you can get all in one swim / sun suits which will protect against sun.

9 - dont know but dont think so.

10 - we did with our ds

11 - buy bigger but not so big that you are in the wrong season. buy things in the sale for next year. i.e. for age 2

inzidoodle Wed 23-Jul-08 08:58:26

thanks toddlerhip smile

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