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noddyholder Sun 06-Feb-05 12:40:11

We are thinking of going to barcelona for a week in august with ds 10.I have looked on websites and there looks to be lots to do.Can anyone recommend a central hotel that would be suitable Don't want a really budget one but not the most expensive either Thanks Also what are the must do's esp with a 10 yr old

spacedonkey Sun 06-Feb-05 12:44:27

Camp Nou is a must to see the stadium and visit the football museum

suzywong Sun 06-Feb-05 12:45:40

flash glands
rear on hind hooves and pant noisly through muzzle

sorry to hijack noddy,

spacedonkey Sun 06-Feb-05 12:48:05

Also I'd recommend renting an apartment rather than staying in a hotel - we went last september and rented a lovely little apartment just off rambla canaletes for the same price as a hotel room - you'll be wanting to sample all the tapas bars anyway, I can't imagine many people eat in their hotel every day!

spacedonkey Sun 06-Feb-05 12:49:30

<<get ye on msn madame>>

suzywong Sun 06-Feb-05 12:52:14

I'm on it but I upgraded and lost my contacts, put me on with my email addy please

and anyone else, don't want to be seen as cliquey and I'm sure noddyholder won't mind me using this thread, seeing as I gush about her funny name all the time

spacedonkey Sun 06-Feb-05 12:53:51

i don't know what email address to use, can you add me

SORRY noddy!

alux Sun 06-Feb-05 12:54:36

I stayed once in a hotel in a residential area called Hotel Century Park - it caters more for spanish business types. Room (a/c) + breakfast was 75 euros p/n. As we were childless at the time, the 20 min walk was a pleasure - it was october too so it was not like Aug heat will be. There is a metro stop nearby though. There is also a fab (authentic) mexican nearby. I am part mexican so I know the real thing when I see it.

I can look up the website for the hotel if you are interested.

I also stayed in a flat in the Barri Gotico just off Las Ramblas which was 2 bed / 2 bath (sleeps 6). It was in the same price bracket - just a bit more but it beats a hotel IMO. I have the email addy for the owner if you are interested. He would also be able to give yr details to other l/lords if he can't accommodate.

spacedonkey Sun 06-Feb-05 12:56:16

alux, i would be interested in the details on that flat too please (not going in august so i won't be booking same time as noddy!)

Blackduck Sun 06-Feb-05 12:57:00

alux- I wouldn't mind the address of the appartment - went to Barc in Jan for a weekend (2nd tiem...) and really want to go back...

noddyholder Sun 06-Feb-05 13:16:36

thanks i would love to see the hotel site and also would be interested in appt which would be great with ds Not planning to cook or eat in at all so s/c probably better

trefusis Sun 06-Feb-05 13:20:23

Message withdrawn

trefusis Sun 06-Feb-05 13:21:49

Message withdrawn

noddyholder Sun 06-Feb-05 13:22:10

how hot????

Caribbeanqueen Sun 06-Feb-05 13:22:54

We went last August and stayed at the Hotel Majestic. Very central, very nice, but pricey but they had offers on for August.

We went to the zoo, the aquarium (can't remember the exact name) is also great. There's a big old-fashioned fun fair up on top of Montjuic as well which would be good for a 10 yr old.

trefusis Sun 06-Feb-05 13:27:06

Message withdrawn

noddyholder Sun 06-Feb-05 13:31:54

On the travel site it said 25 so that is a lot hotter thanks for letting me know!

Cristina7 Sun 06-Feb-05 13:40:15

We went to Barcelona for this New Year. We stayed in an apartment which was part of the Duquesa de Cardonna Hotel. We rented through Barcelona Studio, an agency we saw advertised in the Time Out travel guide and then found on the internet too.

I still have the details as it's very recent. We had a 2 bed apartment, very central (Paseo de Colon), the cost came to just less than 100 Euro per night (700 Euro minus 10% discount for a week but plus 40 Euro for cleaning, then for some reason got another discount once we got there). The guy we emailed about it is The flat had washing machine, dishwasher, TV, DVD etc. I highyl recommend it and the agency, the transaction went very smoothly.

Fab destination choice.

spacedonkey Sun 06-Feb-05 14:52:52

Another tip - avoid the restaurants and tapas bars on the ramblas - they were overpriced and not very good imo (in fact there is one called Genovese 1911 iirc which is truly, truly awful). There are great tapas bars on the passeig de gracia, just north of the placa de catalunya and good places to eat by the sea in barceloneta.

KatieinSpain Sun 06-Feb-05 14:55:13

Would also recommend the aquarium - down on the water front. At the top of Passeig de Gracia, there used to be a small cinema - three screens - that specialised in original versions. They used to do late showings,starting after 11 pm which were great fun.

The Miro Foundation is pretty spectacular, too - good cafe. Never used the funicular but think that might be a fun way up and down Montjuic and if you have a head for heights, there is the cable car.

The Sagrada Familia is really out of this world, too and I liked Parc Guell - lots of space for running round, nice little cafe, and loads of Gaudi.

Yes, have been in Barcelona in August and it is very hot but like all cities, it slows down in August - lots of people away on holiday - and is very enjoyable.

Places to eat - el quatre gats; el julivert meu; loads of great cafes; watch out that any fish is fresh!

You will have an a ball - most . Oh, if you can be bothered with the hike, the attraction park down Tarragona way is supposed to be the best.

spacedonkey Sun 06-Feb-05 14:57:17

forgot about the cable car from montjuic down to the port area - i was too chicken to go on it but i reckon a 10 yr old would love it! the funicular from montjuic isn't terribly exciting but it is convenient

noddyholder Sun 06-Feb-05 14:59:04

thankyou everyone much better than any guide book!Am a little concerned about the heat but I'm sure we'll survive really looking forward to it now

spacedonkey Sun 06-Feb-05 15:00:38

barcelona has great beaches too

marthamoo Sun 06-Feb-05 15:10:33

Aren't you supposed to be in Italy, SD?

NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 06-Feb-05 15:11:27

dh and i went in september last and it was 32 for the 3 day long weekend we were there

i loved it though, it has the best of everything - weather, culture , beaches, history, designer shopping as well as market bargains, gorgous food and a lively atmosphere for everyone. they are refreshingly family friendly too which is fantastic .

you'll love it. i can't wait to go back, certainly up there as one of the very best european cities imo.

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