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I'm worried my children won't sleep!

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fredtbad Sat 05-Feb-05 20:48:02

Please can anyone help! We have a nearly 3 yr old dd and 15 month old ds. We're going to Rome and are staying in a family room in Villa San Pio, slightly out of the bustle. Sounds great doesn't it, however...last time we went on holiday it was a nightmare!! Dd cut her back teeth in Paris aged 17 month, whilst I was 6 month pregnant with our son. She refused to sleep in the travelcot provided and stayed in the bed with us, which was okay until she woke up screeching at 2am and didn't rest again until 4am, with no pacifying. We asked the hotel if anyone was complaining about the noise, they said not, but whilst at breakfast, we were definitely talked about!
She must be the only child to have cried all the way around Disneyland!!
Anyway, we've booked this holiday but as it nears we are a bit worried that this may all happen again. Does anyone know how to deal with children who don't sleep on holiday? Is it just short term? BTW they sleep fine at home - no problems at all.
All suggestions welcomed

misdee Sat 05-Feb-05 20:48:54

let them choose qa blanket to take with them, or their own pillows.

and good luck!!

RTKangaMummy Sat 05-Feb-05 20:53:15

yes and also their sheet so that they can lie on the same feeling or smell IYSWIM

good luck

emmatmg Sat 05-Feb-05 20:58:30

we do a misdee suggests whenever we say away from home.

they always sleep as at home.

morningpaper Sat 05-Feb-05 21:00:30

I've just spent a week away 'on holiday' with my 2 yo dd who refused to sleep every single night. It was like having a newborn again!

Looking back on it, she didn't eat much in the days or evenings (too excited), so I should have made her toast for supper, which might have helped.

Hope that helps!?!

blossom2 Sat 05-Feb-05 21:04:30

i've always worried about DD not sleeping whilst on holiday, especially when we are in a hotel as you get stuck in the room (alot).

Generally, i take EVERYTHING that she finds comforting at home i.e. favourite toys, bedtime books, teddies. DD has her own suitcase with her 'stuff & clothes' in it. She loves it. I find that as they get older, they get more manageable. DD is almost three and we've always asked for an extra bed and she loves sleeping on it, saying that its her bed. We're not allowed in her bed, although she is allowed in ours !!!

Also take lots of calpol/medicine (just in case) and you know what.

Good luck and try to have fun.

fredtbad Sat 05-Feb-05 21:06:31

Thanks so much for fast responses. I bought a book called travelling with babies and toddlers by sally gore lyons, ( I think that's her name) and she recommended taking the obvious comforters, which we will, but I might take Dd's favourite Miffy quilt cover and pillowcase and Ds sleeps in a sleeping bag and with a baby quilt as well. Will take them all!! It's a 7.20 am flight out so they're going to be up from 4am to get to checkin in time, what's the chances they will sleep on the plane, what do you reckon? Should we try to keep them up or just go with the flow?

blossom2 Sat 05-Feb-05 21:11:53

i'm a constant pessiamist (? cant spell) and always imagine/prepare for worst case situation. Therefore DD always behaves better than i thought!!!

i'd personally go with the flow and make sure you get a good nights sleep beforehand ... with lots of coffee to help you at 4.00am - OMG. Good time though for flights though. friends have highly recommended early flights with children.

I also find that if i try to relax and enjoy the holiday, DD is generally more relaxed and better behaved.

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