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Do they sell SMA in Portugal?

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Broms Wed 16-Jul-08 14:07:37

Does anyone know if they sell SMA in Portugal?
Also does anyone know whether you can use boiled tap water or if you need to buy bottled and boil that?
And what do other people do about sterilising bottles while abroad.
Many thanks would be grateful for some practical advice.

zebramama Wed 16-Jul-08 15:16:22

We sterilised our bottles using some disposable sterilising bags from Boots. They were small string topped plastic bags with a sterilising tablet in the bottom.
Just soaked the bottles overnight hung up in the bathroom.
We found Aptamil in France, Spain and Portugal, but don't remember seeing SMA.

Broms Thu 17-Jul-08 07:12:01

Great thanks - you suddenly realise how much you have to think about before you go!

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