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What to do in....Limerick (Ireland!)

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unicorn Fri 04-Feb-05 21:06:45

Me and dh are getting 'away' for a whole Friday and Saturday.... without the kids.
(a first in 6 years!)

Going to see a 'gig' on the Friday night... but we have a chink of Friday and a chunk of Saturday to be 'tourists'.

So, anyone, what mustn't we miss in Limerick?

hermykne Fri 04-Feb-05 21:08:28

the hunt museum

CHUNKYMUNKEY Fri 04-Feb-05 21:13:53

I have family in Limerick and would recommend Bunratty Castle which is about 20 mins drive away. They do medieval banquets and entertainment in the evening. Not sure if they are open at this time of year, check out any info for it.

lapsedgymjunkie Fri 04-Feb-05 21:14:01

The road to Dublin ????

unicorn Fri 04-Feb-05 21:56:25

ahhh surely lgj... Limerick is a good place too?

Really looking forward to my Irish jaunt (still feel Irish, despite being about 3 generations removed!)

Any good restaurants etc?

unicorn Sat 05-Feb-05 17:35:07

any weekend suggestions?

renaldo Mon 07-Feb-05 18:26:49

brown thomas is a great shop
adare is a lovely village outside limerick with lovely pubs shops etc
limerick itself is v ugly IMHO

Grommit Mon 07-Feb-05 18:29:54

yes - Adare very pretty village to have lunch / dinner - lots of nice restaurants

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