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Definitive Holiday / Travel tips thread... Welcome one and all

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peachygirl Tue 15-Jul-08 17:03:36

We are off on our first holiday as a family soon and wondered what people's top tips are. DD will be 18 months.

We are flying but only short haul.

Do you have tips for

The airport
The plane in particular which toys would be good to take
Days out
Late evenings
Everyone sharing a room
Best buy when abroad


Lapsedrunner Tue 15-Jul-08 17:09:11

Plane - buy some new small toys and wrap them up (old magazine will do). Produce one for every 30 mins of the flight

dinkystinky Wed 16-Jul-08 10:36:14

Ok, my top tips are:

(i) airport: checkin online if you can. Get taxi to and from airport or valet parking if you can - really no fun at all dealing with fractitious toddler and long wait for bus to airport parking...

(ii) flight: get them their own seat if you can if flight is any more than 2 hours long or they are a particularly wriggly/independent child. Take more nappies than you think you'll need and a change of clothes for DD, you and DH in handluggage. Portable DVD player and a few of DD's favourite shows is a good bet or wrapped up toys/magazines good ideas. Take snacks and bottles/juice - you can buy milk etc in airport once through checkin (call ahead to the airport chemist to check they have what you need and get them to hold some milk for you).

(iii) Days out: just play it by ear. When our DS was that age we'd do morning outing, lunch somewhere while he napped in buggy, trip to playground/something for him in the afternoon. Scale back your plans - trying to do too much stuff will make everyone miserable. Dont worry if they fall asleep at wierd times in the car - stick to usual bedtime routine as much a possible though.

(iv) Late evenings - see if your little one will sleep in buggy if you have late evenings out. Our DS never would and would get fractious around 9ish so we'd generally eat early with him, head to hotel, do bathtime routine and put him down then chill out in room.

(v) Sharing a room: if you do it at home, you'll be fine. If you dont (we dont), we found it quite hard though soon came up with the solution of popping DS in his travel cot in the bathroom - works a treat (so long as you dont need the loo too many times in the night)!

(vi) Essentials abroad: good stroller buggy (would go for something like a Maclaren that can recline - making naps in buggy much more comfy for little one) - dont forget the raincover. Tonnes of wipes. Travelwash (for those little accidents toddlers inevitably have). A few of your toddlers favourite toys/books (just make sure they come home with you too). The usual sunblock you use for them. A hat and swimming costume.


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