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Antidote to Centreparcs

(15 Posts)
root Fri 04-Feb-05 20:05:24

Much cheered as I am by this travel section, and your tales of taking twin babies to Australia etc, I'd like to start a thread asking for your most exotic travel exploits with small children. Prove to me having a baby doesn't mean it's compulsory to go to Centreparcs....

morningpaper Fri 04-Feb-05 20:33:07

Just got back from Centerparcs today ... I forgot how dd wakes up every 15 minutes when she is not in her own bed. We are all knackered. Wouldn't fancy doing anything more exotic as it would mean no sleep for longer periods...

Anyway, no help to you at all!

pleaserewind Fri 04-Feb-05 20:54:31

but how was centreparcs other than the sleep deprivation? thinking of going their in the summer.

RTKangaMummy Fri 04-Feb-05 20:55:45

we have taken DS to:

Canada aged about 12 months,

And again to Canada aged 3 years,

Boston, Cape Cod, all through New Hampshire, Vermont, New York State up into Canada aged 5 years,

All Round the World for 3 months aged 6/7 years,

Maldives, Australia, New Zealand in motorhome, Fiji, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Toronto.

Now aged 9 we are going to California at Easter

We are also planning a trip on a cruise to Alaska from Vancouver for later this year.

So having children just means more fun when you travel.

morningpaper Fri 04-Feb-05 20:56:54

Centerparcs is as good as I can imagine a holiday with my daughter can be ... there've been a few threads on it recently for more info!

RTKangaMummy Fri 04-Feb-05 20:58:52

Actually we do love Center Parcs too

We go to Elvendon one

We did prefer it before the fire though.

KBear Fri 04-Feb-05 21:12:43

RTKM, think of all the telly you missed though.

RTKangaMummy Fri 04-Feb-05 21:17:27

we had a TV in the motorhome

In Maldives and Fiji there had TV with satelite but to be honest weren't watching it that much.

My Dad videoed the important stuff for me

root Sat 05-Feb-05 16:19:50

Perhaps I shouldn't judge as I've never been there, but isn't Centerparcs some weird sanitised version of the countryside in a large bubble? With cabaret entertainment? Does it have a big fence round it to stop you getting out? No? Just my imagination running wild then...

RTKangaMummy - now that's more like it!!

root Sat 05-Feb-05 16:21:07

Kbear - I got the joke BTW...very good.

Twiglett Sat 05-Feb-05 16:28:47

Well as someone who before kids had long exotic holidays in amazing locations like Cuba, middle east etc I would just like to say

Thank F' for centreparcs

ok we've only been once (and that was 3 years ago) but for a short break to recharge the batteries where you know the kids will have a good time and be safe it's wonderful.. in fact we have another short break planned in March and are taking 4 year old, 9 month old and my parents

don't knock it tilly you've tried it

noddyholder Sat 05-Feb-05 16:34:33

agree with twiglett after years of travelling and exotic destinations we went to centerparcs and I have never seen ds so happy. I on the other hand hated it tbh, but it was relaxing as everything is geared to kids. There is a spa so if you have grandparents to babysit a few hours in there is great

redsky Sat 05-Feb-05 16:37:00

baby travelled with us wherever we chose to holiday - caravanning from 6 weeks, also holidays abroad, 6 months travelling around Aus age 18mths (altho in hind sight this may have contributed to his ASD ie lack of routine etc so prob would not recommend it) we also did the centreparcs thing a couple of times, once when ds was 5 and I was pregnant with dd but dh didn't enjoy it - so back to the holidays we enjoy and the kids have to tag along. Last couple of years we have all loved cruising.

noddyholder Sat 05-Feb-05 16:39:19

we were thinking of a cruise this year Is it really stuffy and expensive or are they different now?

root Sat 05-Feb-05 19:26:06

Friends of mine who met whilst travelling in Australia and who used to go to destinations like India and China recently told me they'd been to Centerparcs with the kids and grandparents. They said it was 'organised' and 'easy' and 'good for the kids'. One evening the pair of them went for a bike ride sans children and stopped at the top of a hill to watch the sunset. They turned to each other and said 'But is it a REAL sunset?'.

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