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WHY are holidays in the UK SOOOOO bloody expensive!!!

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willweeversell Sun 13-Jul-08 22:24:46

Dp and Ds and I want to have a weeks holiday in the UK in Octoberm so totally off peak, bed and breakfast in an ok hotel. The cheapest we can find that is ok ish and family friendly is nearly £700 quid- what the hell are they providing to warrant that type of money- we are not talking luxury here.

On the other hand, have just out of interest seen a weeks holiday in Turkey advertised on Thomas cooks website for August for £53 FOR A WEEK B and B! Good lord! I really will have to rty and get over my fear of flying! smile

expatinscotland Sun 13-Jul-08 22:26:31

Because you don't have the pain in the arse of having to fly somewhere.

We only go self-catering cottage or caravan so it's not that expensive.

No holiday this year, maybe an overnighter or two nearby, but it's never been more than about £500 for a week for all 4 of us.

And we're getting a tent in the Halford's deal so it'll be even cheaper!

willweeversell Sun 13-Jul-08 22:31:17

I suppose I always imagine other people don't mind (maybe even enjoy- it boggles my mind lol) the flying. I always thought the uk holiday industry was struggling a bit with people wanting to go to nice hot exotic places- but the opposite seems to be true.

Back in the days I didn't mind flying I got three weeks touring around Thailand for the samw price a bloody week in skegness costs back home!!

We just want one week out of the year where we can really relax and not worry about cooking/washing up/ making beds etc etc etc...

expatinscotland Sun 13-Jul-08 22:34:09

I don't like flying with little kids. It's just too big of a PITA nowadays and you never know if you're actually going to get there or get stuck in some airport.

No, thanks.

I can't really compare the holidays of my pre-child days, however, because it was so long ago I'm sure prices have gone up blush.

And to me, holidays involved going to far flung places to cheat death, climb cliffs or peaks and dig holes as toilets.

So a carvan seems pretty luxe these days.

willweeversell Sun 13-Jul-08 22:41:16

Wouldn't mind one of those massive luxury toring motor homes- have always fancied one of those!!!!

have only flown once since 9/11 and was totally pissed which got me through it (was only to amsterdam) but cannot really get pissed with a 21 mo in tow lol!!

Hope the weather holds out for your camping hols Expat, I saw that halfords deal I think, a big four or six berth tent and sleeping bags ect for under a £100 quid. I bet you will have a fab time!

expatinscotland Sun 13-Jul-08 22:43:33

it's not till next year we'll be camping, anyhow.

i'm too pregnant just now.

but it'll just have to go as it's either that or no holiday at all.

i used to love flying, and i've never been afraid of it, it's just that i hate how everyone's treated like a criminal now and you have to get there dead early and you can't take all your stuff with you because of hand luggage restrictions and just all that shite.

willweeversell Sun 13-Jul-08 22:45:58

Hoping for a nice hot summer for you next year then!

expatinscotland Sun 13-Jul-08 22:46:53


cool will be fine, i hate heat.

good luck finding a cool holiday in October.

Fimbo Sun 13-Jul-08 22:49:34

We were going for that Halfords tent until some seasoned campers on here pointed out there is no sewn in groundsheet which apparently is a pita.

I checked Ebay tonight and there are similar deals on there with the freebie extras but the tent has a sewn in ground sheet.

themildmanneredjanitor Sun 13-Jul-08 22:51:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

expatinscotland Sun 13-Jul-08 23:32:23

ah, see, here in scotland, the schools finish last week in June, then you get the cottage for about £400/week. wink

expatinscotland Sun 13-Jul-08 23:33:08

they have sewn-in groundsheets these days?

we used to have a piece of plastic we cut to fit and it was our 'tarp'. blush

i'm a dinosaur.

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