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Newcastle tips

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sphil Sat 12-Jul-08 23:43:10

We want to take Ds1(7) and DS2(5), who is autistic, on their first ever flight in October. DH thought Newcastle would be good. We would stay either in or near the city, probably hire a car and visit places nearby - but will only go Fri - Mon.

Anyone any recommendations for places to stay and things to do? Self catering would be best, but because it's first w/e of half term we probably won't get a short break. DS2 has a very restricted diet, so if we were in a hotel we'd need to be somewhere where they would let us take food/drink for him. We'd also need to be in one room, or two rooms but must have adjoining door.

Thanks - have googled lots, but thought personal recommendations would be good.

dancedance Sun 13-Jul-08 00:00:39

No expert on places to stay but you'll find plenty to do. Centre of Life would be great for the kids, very hands on. Easy to get to the coast - if you want to in October - on the metro, or by car if you hire one but public transport is great I've found. Also parts of Hadrians wall are accesable from Newcastle. Wallsend, which is on the metro line, has an old fort and another child friendly museum. Durhams lovely and a 15 min train ride but maybe not for children. Metro centre if you fancy shopping! and theres cinema, kids play areas etc to keep them entertained.
Will let you know if I can think of anymore ideas.

sphil Sun 13-Jul-08 08:22:25

I think it sounds like a great place to visit! Where to stay is a dilemma though - a city apt would be ideal but I can't find anything that isn't horrendously expensive. We could probably manage a hotel for two nights but not sure which ones are accessible by Metro.

Laugs Wed 30-Jul-08 21:04:01

Hi, not sure of prices for october, but I'm getting married in Dec and have lots of family staying - many of them are staying at Premier Apartments. It only costs £80 for a 2 double-bed apartment, which I thought was really good!

I went to look around and the standard is fine. You get a little sitting room and kitchen table too, so you don't ave to eat out all the time.

If that's no good, I think there's one called City Apartments. I know there is a Quayside Apartments. but as far as I remember that one's not as handy.

What are your kids into? There's lots going on

motheroftwoboys Thu 31-Jul-08 14:42:53

I live in Newcastle/Gateshead (as they now call it) and it is a brilliant place for a weekend visit. City apartments are very good and not too expensive - just check on Trip Advisor. There are some in Northumberland Street, VERY central, opposite Fenwicks Department store and moments from a Metro Station. You can get on the Metro from the airport straight in to the city centre. There are so places to go as OPs have said - also visit Seven Stories. Newcastle/Gateshead website has loads of info about things to do/transport etc. So beautiful walking by the river - Baltic/Millenium Bridge/Sage. Good quayside market on Sunday mornings. Saltwell Park in Gateshead worth a visit. Careful before booking a cheap hotel, like any city there are some truly awful ones. e-mail me if you want to check anything.

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