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Booking flights for an unborn baby

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bonym Thu 03-Feb-05 21:33:44

Following on from my earlier thread - having decided to "go for it" and book the holiday I have just gone to book flights with BA and realised that they need a name for our unborn child, currently nameless!! Does anyone know if this can be done & if so, how? I can of course phone BA in the morning and ask them if none of you wise MNetters knows the answer! - Pidge, you said you'd just booked something - how did you get round this?

tiredemma Thu 03-Feb-05 21:46:41

i booked mine before baby was born- but i knew i was having a boy and i knew what i was going to call him so i just booked him under that name
hth x

Hulababy Thu 03-Feb-05 21:49:54

Found this on the Guardian website:

Flying with a newborn

· I want to go to Helsinki in August with my as yet unborn baby. Is there any way to book my ticket without knowing its name or date of birth yet?

Monday February 3, 2003

· I recently booked a flight for June, when I expect to have a two-month-old baby. I booked a flight to Toulouse with BA through its website for the seats I need (i.e., for me and my husband). The advice from BA was to phone and let them know we're taking a baby when we know the name and date of birth etc. There is an admin charge (approx £12), which is a couple of pounds more than it would have been if I'd been able to book the baby on at the same time as us. BA say it isn't a problem to add the baby even very close to the flight date as it won't need a seat - I just have remember to book the place!

· In response to Jane Richardson's question about booking her as yet unborn baby on the same plane as herself, standard airline policy is to wait till the baby is born and then add the details to the existing adult booking. This is a precaution against the worst situation with the impending birth, and also as the infant does not require a seat it will not affect the rest of the airline's bookings. On long-haul flights, the newest babies will get priority for bassinets. The fare is normally 10 per cent of the standard full fare. I hope this helps.


bonym Thu 03-Feb-05 21:51:43

Thanks Hulababy - I'm going to book now!

LipstickMum Thu 03-Feb-05 21:54:12

Bonym, I've booked airline tickets for my, now born, dd and my currently unborn baby. Have BA told you they need a name?? I'm not sure this is the case, how can an airline expect you to have a name just because they need one?

My experience was this. We booked and paid for 2 adult tickets with Virgin early in the year for travel in November. We advised them when booking that in May we were expecting a baby and s/he would be travelling with us. They made a note of this and told us to phone as soon as baby was born and we had a name. We weren't booking a seat, I might add.

We've done exactly the same this year with our next baby, not due until June. We've booked 3 seats for us (parent's) and dd. The new baby will be on our lap.


LipstickMum Thu 03-Feb-05 21:55:04

Hehe was pipped at the post!

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