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Morocco - Hepatitis A Vaccine for 14 month old

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NK35f8bc5aX1132f476df0 Sat 12-Jul-08 08:12:11

I'm traveling to Morocco for 2-3 weeks with my 14 month old, staying in an apartment hotel and have been told by my gp that you need to give hepatitis A vaccine for over 1's. I don't have very positive feelings about vaccinations and would rather not, but instead be very careful with water and food, although it will be very hot so I'll want to take him in hotel swimming pools in the daytime. Has anyone else taken an over 1 to morocco and given or not given the hepatitis A vaccine?

sarah293 Sat 12-Jul-08 08:15:36

Message withdrawn

hoxtonchick Sat 12-Jul-08 08:21:07

we went to morocco when our children were 18 months & 4. none of us had extra injections. we went in february, so it wasn't super hot & we didn't swim, but drank the water quite happily. i'd do some more internet research i think (though i don't think i did!) .

hoxtonchick Sat 12-Jul-08 08:21:28

older one was 5, not 4. not that it matters...

NK35f8bc5aX1132f476df0 Sat 12-Jul-08 08:31:18

thank you that is very helpful

NK35f8bc5aX1132f476df0 Sat 12-Jul-08 08:32:33

hoxton, when you say drank water do you mean out of taps or do you mean from bottles, also i'm guessing the children had baths there - where did you stay in morocco? i'm going to marrakech...

kee27 Sat 12-Jul-08 11:36:49

oww we stoped at marocco when we did a cruse we was not advised to have any thing the only thing we was told that when we get off the boat not to drink the water we had out dd1 4 then and our dd2 1 i know thins is diffrent to staying there but thought i would just say lol

hoxtonchick Sat 12-Jul-08 11:50:42

we went to marrakech too, & stayed in a riad. will find the website if you're interested. we didn't drink loads of tap water, but certainly brushed our teeth with it, showered etc. would have swum if it was warm enough. we had a great time there, the kids loved it.

NK35f8bc5aX1132f476df0 Sat 12-Jul-08 12:20:19

that's great - thanks for all this info, my husband is working there so we've got to stay where his job puts him, but that's good to know, i've read that tagines are good for kiddies as meat cooked really well and he's off formula and bottles so no problems there. I read you can get the hep a from the water, or from salads in restaurants where water contaminated or from swimming pools is water swallowed and from cutlery not washed properly but i think i'm not gonna vaccinate and use bottled water

hoxtonchick Sat 12-Jul-08 12:40:54

hope you have fun. bargain hard in the souk!

NK35f8bc5aX1132f476df0 Sat 12-Jul-08 13:09:34

my husband will be working 6 days a week long hours so i'll mostly be on my own with the little one so if you have any tips of good places to go to with him that would be great too. I think i've seen another mum on the mumsnet site called morocco who seems to live there, if anyone knows her i'd love to track her down too and ask for good places to go in the daytime

Themasterandmargaritas Sat 12-Jul-08 17:09:24

Hi there, I am living in Kenya and just given my 14 month old Hep A as it is easily transmitted through unclean water and unwashed/not washed well foods. Personally if you are going just for a holiday I don't see much point, especially as the baby will need a booster after a year for it to give long lasting immunity. Swimming pool water is safe as it is heavily treated. Give the baby only cooked foods or peeled foods and use bottled waters and you should be fine. Fwiw, after 10 years of living in Africa and 3 dc later, all of whom are only recently vaccinated against Hep A, none have had it. Enjoy your trip, sounds wonderful. smile

archibaldandlily Sat 12-Jul-08 18:12:44

thanks again - all your messages are wonderful and so helpful - i've finally got up to date and got myself a decent nickname!

hatcam Sat 12-Jul-08 18:23:22

Hope you have a fab time. We went to morocco last year when daughter #1 was 13 months, asked doctor about extra vaccines and was told nothing required. We took usual precautions i.e. same as themasterandmargaritas, no problems at all. Daughter played on the beach quite happily, paddled in the sea, no ill effects. I fell in love with the place and we all had a great holiday!

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