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Sky cots with Virgin

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kbaby Thu 03-Feb-05 20:23:03

Ive pre booked a sky cot with virgin for a 12hr flight. DD will be 10 months. The thing that im slightly worried about is the fact that they are only allocated upon arival. Im panicking encase we get to check in and theyve already been given out.
Does anyone know that if they are prebooked does that mean that its very likely well get one.

Caribbeanqueen Thu 03-Feb-05 20:33:09

It very much depends who gets there first. I wouldn't want to guess how likely you are to get one. We booked one a couple of times and made sure that we got to the airport really really early just to be on the safe side.

Linnet Fri 04-Feb-05 23:55:50

I was told that sky cots are only used for babies under 6 months old. Not sure if this applies to every airline though.

Chuffed Sat 05-Feb-05 21:34:46

kbaby we've had them for all our flights so far with quite a few different airlines and dd has ended up just sleeping draped on us while we sleep to be honest. Every time you get them to sleep in the sky cot there ended up being turbulence and then when that happens you have to take them out and strap them to you using the belt. It kept waking our dd up so we just left her on our lap. your arm goes a little dead but it isn't too bad.
Make sure to ask nicely for your meals to be seperately served so that one can hold your dd while the other eats. I normally order a special meal (like vege) then it comes out first so that we aren't trying to eat with dd on our knee.
It'll be fine.

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