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Temperture in Vegas in early April

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kbaby Thu 03-Feb-05 20:18:29

Does anyone know what the weather is like in late march early april. I went end of May before and it was really hot night and day, but a friend of a friend said she went early May and it was cold.

I need to know so I can buy the right clothes.

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Feb-05 20:31:34

we were there lateish march and was warm

hedghog Thu 03-Feb-05 22:43:58

We were there Easter 2003 which was late April and it was certainly neither warm enough to sunbathe nor swim (well not warn enough for me anyway!). It also rained! Yes rained! That was of course most unusual and the temperatures we experienced were unseasonal. I suggest you go to Fodors and click on United States. Then select the state of Nevada from the Topic box, top right, and in the 'search this forum' box type 'Vegas weather April' and you'll get much more information. Have a wonderful time, we all loved Las Vegas. Don't miss the Grand Canyon if you haven't been before.

Frizbe Thu 03-Feb-05 22:49:10


I hope the above link works! we're going during Easter, so I'm glad you asked the question, prompted me to look!

Frizbe Thu 03-Feb-05 22:49:49

PS: Been there before in January and it was 70C, I was the only one in the pool, Brits eh!

ChicPea Thu 03-Feb-05 22:50:30

I have only been in May and it was so hot that when wating at the traffic lights as a pedestrian the ground was so hot I had to literally march on the spot!!! Even if it is hot in March, everywhere is air conditioned so you need some jackets or something long sleeved so you don't freeze in the evening. Do take the helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon. It is amazing.

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