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Foreign holiday with 3mth old baby??

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bonym Thu 03-Feb-05 15:57:14

Our baby is due at the end of March and we are trying to plan a summer holiday (we also have a 7 year-old). We are wondering if early July would be too soon to take a baby abroad and are balancing this concern with going a bit later (August) and the temperatures being much hotter - too hot for a young baby maybe? We were thinking of Italy or Greece and I'm hoping someone might have experience or advice of the best age to take a baby away and also any areas which might be good. Thanks!

aloha Thu 03-Feb-05 16:07:20

My ds was pretty impervious to heat. However, I question the use of the word 'holiday' in conjunction with the words 'three-month-old baby"

fisil Thu 03-Feb-05 16:09:58

bonym - we've booked Greece for the first week in July - baby due late April/early May, and ds is 2. We've booked somewhere where we've been before, and plan to just take it as it comes!

fisil Thu 03-Feb-05 16:10:35

obviously when I say we've booked Greece, we've only booked a little bit of it - you're welcome to the rest!

emmatmg Thu 03-Feb-05 16:12:17

I would say definatley do it now as next summer the little one will in walking and getting into all sort and IME it will not be fun.

Your 7 yr old will have lovely holiday too as the baby will just be "hand luggage"

quote taken from other it.

Chuffed Thu 03-Feb-05 16:57:30

We took our dd (then 4months) to HongKong, Singapore and then NZ (total trip 3wks).
Then at 5.5mths had 10 days in Egypt on the Red Sea in early Sept.
Absolutely no problems - 3/4mths is probably an OK age as not trying to roll around.

Chuffed Thu 03-Feb-05 16:58:58

someone at the place we went in Egypt has a blow up paddling pool which they filled with water and it got tepid in the heat but was cooling for their baby, just dipping them in it now and again. (Maybe a blow up baby bath could do the trick)

lou33 Thu 03-Feb-05 17:28:33

Took one of mine at 6m to greece, and another one at 4m to spain, no problems either time

lowcalCOD Thu 03-Feb-05 17:29:44

I wonder if one of you woudl spend the time in the shade witht he baby a nd the other wiht the 7 year old
we didnt at that age for that reason

Joolstoo Thu 03-Feb-05 17:49:58

aloha is right about the 'holiday' bit - you'll end up doing everything you do at home but in a hotter temperature, you'll fuss about with things are getting sterilised properly and if the water is ok - plus all the paraphernalia you'll have to take. Done it once - never again with a baby.

Yorkiegirl Thu 03-Feb-05 18:09:10

Message withdrawn

littlemissbossy Thu 03-Feb-05 18:21:33

Hi bonym, have you had a look on, loads of good ideas on there HTH

mckenzie Thu 03-Feb-05 18:39:58

we took DS1 to Spain when he was 3 months old and it was probably the easiest most stress free holiday we've had since.

Wondermom Sat 05-Feb-05 16:32:57

we took a 3 month old to Marbella once.Ist few days were a bit tough until we got in to a routine. I took sterilising tablets with me and soaked the bottles and teats in a large bowl of sterilised water ALL the time - changing the water regularly. I used bottled water even to wash the bottles. Bottled water is not good for mixing baby's milk as it contains alot of salts. I took dozens of cartons of made-up babymilk with me and used the last one at the airport on the way home!!! All a bit stressful at 1st but settled in to it eventually

bonym Mon 07-Feb-05 12:22:05

Thanks for all the advice/comments ladies - we have now booked to go to Sardinia and can't wait! Sterlising shouldn't be a problem as I will be breastfeeding (all being well).

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