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Tell me about your people carriers

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flowerybeanbag Thu 10-Jul-08 14:36:48

I am off on a trip to France with DH, DS (14mo) and my three (6 foot tall) brothers. We need to hire a people carrier for the weekend and I am clueless as to what's out there now. We had a Toyota Previa when we were all living at home but that was donkeys years ago!

Tell me which one is good to hire - a few options would be nice in case we don't have much of a choice.

Need room for 5 adults, one car seat and luggage for the weekend. We'll probably have to use a roof box as well I imagine, as lots of them have weeny boots don't they? Although we'll try and pack light...

Any thoughts?

flowerybeanbag Thu 10-Jul-08 19:16:36

Come on people I know loads of you have got people carriers...

monkeysmama Wed 16-Jul-08 20:41:10

blush Yes I have a people carrier. Well sort of. Are you taking your own car seat? We have a Porsche Cayenne and it has Isofix fittings which mean our MaxiCosi car seat literally clikcs in and out. Very worthwhile if you can get it. I think some people carriers come with it as standard. Worth checking about the airbags and facilities to switch them off too.

cazzybabs Wed 16-Jul-08 20:47:13

We have just bought a galaxy as they are fairly (we these things go) fuel efficent.

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