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travel systems and planes?

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katzguk Wed 02-Feb-05 13:56:52

hi i'm going to italy in september and will have an 8 week old baby, we will need to travel from the airport to the hotel adn this is about a 45 min drive in a taxi, i am thinking that taking a travel system would be useful but will the plane let the car seat on? can it go in the hold or can it be cabin baggage the baby will not have a seat of its own?

forevermore Wed 16-Feb-05 12:47:58

bump; i'm interested too, will be travelling to Miami then on a carribean cruise then of course excursions at stopovers then back to Uk with a 3 month old!

Chuffed Wed 16-Feb-05 13:49:44

We took a travel system with a slightly older 4.5mth baby on Singapore Airlines. We didn't have a seat booked so checked the car seat part of the buggy and the buggy at the gate. They put it in a big clear plastic bag but we did have to ask for this to protect it a bit. We then just had a frontpack carrier to take her on and off the plane and didn't bother getting the buggy at the gate on the landing. We just collected it later as it tends to slow you down getting to customs etc.
I think it depends on who you are flying with and how full the plane is too I think.

myermay Wed 16-Feb-05 15:10:23

Message withdrawn

littlerach Wed 16-Feb-05 15:21:21

from what I remember, you cannot use/take it on unless baby has it's own seat, but that was going to usa.

loujay Wed 16-Feb-05 15:57:30

I went to Washington with my DD who was 6 months last year, I checked the car seat and base at the desk and kept her in her pram unti the door of the plane. Ask for a seat with a sky cot if they have them I found it invaluable.
I then picked the pushchair up at the door of the plane at the other end and the rest inthe luggage hall, where I transferred DD into the car seat and slotted that onto the pushcahir.

californiagirl Thu 17-Feb-05 00:07:26

The rules depend on the country the airline is from, not the country you're flying to. If you are flying a British airline, you cannot have the baby in the car seat during takeoff or landing until 6 months, regardless of whether or not the baby has a seat. Whether or not they let you bring it on is another question, and it's pretty much up to the cabin crew on your airplane. You can call and ask the airline, but it's very likely the airplane crew will do whatever they think is right regardless of airline policy.

On a US airline, if the baby has a seat they must let you use an approved car seat as its manufacturer intends it to be used.

My research on the rules and the reasons, and our experiences are at Carseats and Airplanes

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