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Munich with a 2 yrs old. Any ideas?

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Chandra Wed 02-Feb-05 11:38:03

We are going at the end of March for a weekend. Could anybody recommend places that you can go with a 2yrs old child but that adults can also enjoy?

Thanks in advance.

Chandra Thu 03-Feb-05 10:58:27

Oh please... just one suggestion . Anyone? any German mums around? people who have been there? pleeease?

Chandra Thu 03-Feb-05 14:31:47

Anyone being in Munich please? forget about being fun for children and adults, anything would do, really... [begging emoticon]

hayleylou Thu 03-Feb-05 14:34:38

I went with my 3 month old dd and 2 year old ds last August... sorry we did not get to see much as it was to hot!!! It was nice sseing the beer festival being set up!!! Sorry it is not much help. Inlaws live there do you want me to ask them?

Chandra Thu 03-Feb-05 14:39:31

pleeease. Thank you.

Actually we are going to be there just for 2 full days so I'm sure anything would do, even a good Munich guide suggestion. Thanks

hayleylou Thu 03-Feb-05 14:45:35

No problem will e mail him now... I know there is at least one person on here that leaves near Munich as I have seen then on the meet up thread, might be worth putting something on there as well!! Will let you know asap about inlaws

Skribble Thu 03-Feb-05 23:30:39

I don't know Munich but for any city I would say a 2 yr old would enjoy the normal sight seeing. Maybe an open top bus tour. Anything aimed at a 2 yr old would be much the same as here and seems a shame to go all the way to munich for that.

My two have always loved seeing new cities and towns and took so much in. Just go at their pace and let them feel they have a little say, perhaps showing them a selection of pre-chosen leaflets. When in churches, galleries, museums etc let them take the lead and don't spend ages reading every sign (sorry that was always my pet hate with my mum .

Chandra Fri 04-Feb-05 00:28:39

Thanks Skribble, we are going because DH is doing work over there (and because I desesperately need a change of landscape ). I'm also a sign reader, though I was expecting DH to mind DS for a morning so I can spend a few hours in one of the museums. The open bus is a good idea to keep them entertained for a morning, then I would join them for some other more child oriented activities

Skribble Fri 04-Feb-05 00:49:30

Well the German signs will really slow you down LOL.

Paris had some really great toy shops. Maybe Munich too, lots of good quality original stuff and good prices. Maybe some parks if the weathers good for a picnic lunch.

Skribble Fri 04-Feb-05 00:56:43

Oh I meant to say look for the more shabby cafes if its raining or cold. Posh expensive ones won't like you hanging about for to long with the same coffee discussing the finer points of Barney and Bob the Builder.

Again Paris but we found a great one a bit off the main streets, cheap and relaxed we were sat on the pavement seats with cans and crepes. The waiter owner was so freindly and when I went back on my own I felt very at home, I usually hate sitting myself. They loved the kids.

Chandra Fri 04-Feb-05 01:11:21

Yes, Paris is great for children (or would I say people act lovely towards children?). We have been several times overthere and to be honest the thing DS enjoyed the least was Disneyland. (A "welcome" reaction after I have spent 2 days convincing DH that the place was worth a visit... )

PS. Signs in German are not a problem if you are familiar with the language

Hausfrau Fri 04-Feb-05 08:42:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chandra Fri 04-Feb-05 11:04:09

Hausfrau, I'm sure he would love it

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