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Sun Newspaper holidays - any one know about them?

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33k Sat 05-Jul-08 23:17:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BexieID Sat 05-Jul-08 23:21:26

I think it just means you have to collect fewer tokens. I had one a couple of years ago after i'd booked a holiday in the normal way. I never went on the holiday as we got our last choice and realised it wasn't easy to get to by public transport.

ChippyMinton Sun 06-Jul-08 11:24:04

I've been on several. The priority form means you can send your application in a day ahead of everyone else, or book online. I don't get one every time though.

tweeni Tue 05-Aug-08 13:42:18

does anyone still need a priority form.

llynnnn Tue 05-Aug-08 17:08:14

does anyone know when you find out when/where you are going? we applied by post weeks ago now and the cheque i sent was banked on 25th july.
work are bugging me now as they want to know when i need time off!!


catweazle Tue 05-Aug-08 17:58:09

We got our letter through last Wednesday. First time we've booked.

teslagirl Tue 05-Aug-08 18:51:13

We went on several of these from about 4 to 1.5 years ago. First couple of times around we had to take pot luck as in 4 dates, 4 locations, then, miraculously, we got the priority booking thing where we could choose our date and place- BUT not all places in the brochure were participating. Recently, we've found that places that had accepted internet bookings suddenly weren't any more, so you had to take pot luck with everyone else and, seeing as we'd been to all the local places, and those we'd've returned to weren't offering any priority or internet booking advantages, we abandoned the whole Sun holiday thing!

llynnnn Tue 05-Aug-08 19:18:12

so hopefully ours is on the way then!! i am right in thinking that they dont cash the cheque unless you actually have a hol??

moshie Tue 05-Aug-08 19:22:29

Yes, if you don't get a hol they return your cheque.

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