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Baby rainwear for the baby seat of parental bike?

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toddlerhip Sat 05-Jul-08 16:45:05

Anyone come across any good baby rainwear when caught in a shower on the bike?

merryandmad Sun 06-Jul-08 09:28:55

millets do an all in one waterproof for about £15- we brougt one for dd2 to wear when outside on wet days- would this be suitable?

LIZS Sun 06-Jul-08 09:44:09

We had a Clippsafe all in one

toddlerhip Sun 06-Jul-08 10:44:15

Thank you. I think the boilersuit idea is a good idea as a cape style might get caught up. Can't see one on the millets website but will pop in and see...

merryandmad Sun 06-Jul-08 12:30:12

Blacks also do one- sorry no good at links but it is online- Packables Kid's Waterproof All in One(product code 041066)

toddlerhip Mon 07-Jul-08 08:29:00

Thank you!

giggly Wed 09-Jul-08 22:08:15

We have TOGZ which you can get as an all in one or dungarees and a jacket. They are expensive but great in the constant Scottish rain.

toddlerhip Fri 11-Jul-08 00:03:43

Yes, i saw those, they look really good. We are in Scotland and it seems to have rained since the beginning of June! Haven't been able to try out the new babybike seat yet!

puppydavies Fri 11-Jul-08 00:11:54

these are cheap and seem to work fine - they're matalan ones, would prolly be cheaper to buy them in the shop if you're near one and they actually stock them at the moment. depends if you're planning to use them for extensive rough and tumble or mostly bike - if mostly bike wouldn't bother with expensive ones myself.

toddlerhip Sat 12-Jul-08 09:42:36

That is great thanks. Was in Matalan recently as there is one round the corner but didn't spot them so will go back for another look. We want to try the bikes today but it does look like rain...

nannyL Sat 12-Jul-08 10:33:55

i suggest muddy puddles all in 1 rain suits

they are really good quality and what I would buy for my baby!

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