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Taking a 2.5 on first holiday.....Spain.... general advice required

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kitty17 Sat 05-Jul-08 11:49:01

Hiya. We are taking our 2.5 to spain this year for a week, this is his first holiday, any good tips, he still likes to have milk at night (Normal cows milk), how do i get round this?, We are staying in a hotel All Inclusive..... Having nightmares about this, Any good Tips and general advice.....

higgys Sat 05-Jul-08 12:18:20

They do have cows and milk in Spain you know. grin.

Check out if the hotel has a shop - we stayed in one last year that was all inclusive but had an onsite shop for basics like this.

He'll probably be so distracted by all the new and exciting things going on around that he wont notice a few deviations from the usual routine.

kitty17 Sat 05-Jul-08 12:41:02

Yeah I know they do..... lol. However I need to watch with him as he has a very unsettled tummy at the best of times, we are either one way or the other, has been since birth .... His tummy is just getting to grips with the cows milk!!!!. Docs say it will settle....
Im hoping that the holiday may help him Not want the milk at bed time???...

kitty17 Sat 05-Jul-08 12:42:52

Would like any GOOD ADVICE, to help with having a good first holiday with the little one....... I worry at the best of times....

kee27 Sat 05-Jul-08 13:40:37

oww i go to spaina lot hun im off in sep to majorca i have allways flown with my lill 1s from 9 weeks old and have had a gd time allway i have 3 so it can be hard wk we allways do allinclusive its so much better as if the kids dont want to eat or drink at a certin time then they dont have to lol and they have a gd health care in spain u can also by antibiotex over the counter to which have coe in handey for me a few times when my daughter had a ear infection and my on caught a chest infection one time lol but hey i do go in sep when the coughts and colds r rife lol u will be fine hun dont worry or u will not injoy it at all lol

amidaiwish Sat 05-Jul-08 13:51:10

if you're worried about getting fresh milk then why not take some ready made cartons of formula with you? if you're only going for a week it shouldn't be too much to pack?

i would also say to bring a flask bottle warmer like this so you can warm the bottle up easily in the hotel room at night. Do you know if the hotel has a fridge/kettle etc.?

if he doesn't want his milk then great, but personally i wouldn't try and stop things now - do whatever you need to do to help him settle and all to have a good night's sleep.

Bring UV suits for the beach if it is going to be very hot, you don't want him burned and that way it is easy to cream just his arms and legs. Also bring a sun hat and a spare. Bring books/magazines to read/do esp for the flight. I find the Tomy aqua draw mini mats brilliant for flights.

Also worth bringing a beaker for drinks in the day so he drinks plenty in the heat.

Can't think of much else! Is he going to be in a travel cot or bed?

kitty17 Sat 12-Jul-08 08:43:44

Hiya, Thanks for all the advice.
Im thinking of taking some Formula with me, not sure to take ready made or just make it up as and when, Ive had the ready made stuff go off before with the heat, (so a bit reluctant) think I will go with the powder, and buy brand name bottle water,Defo not trying to stop him at the mo. I have a flask bottle warmer, so will take that with me, We are going all Incluisve and Im sure that the rooms has tea making facils, so at least there will be a kettle and hopefully a fridge. I just bought travel size aqua mats (Thomas ones) and Ive got one UV suit, will be getting another one though. He will be in a bed.
Kee27 thanks for the bit about the health care and being able to buy stuff over the counter, that puts my mind a easy, hopefully wont have to though.
THANKS EVERYONE WHO HAS GIVEN ME ADVICE, CERTAINLY PUT MY MIND AT REST ABOUT TAKING HIM. Funny when its just you, you dont think of what if's, but with having him, my mind is in overtime, Im sure once im there and we have done it once, things will be fine, we have been on holiday before but it was in Britain (everything to hand really). THANKS AGAIN.

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