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Budget Turkey for a Week - a few questions

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Chuffed Tue 01-Feb-05 09:26:53

We are planning a trip to turkey for a week around Easter and would love some advice. dd is 10mths and the itinerary at the moment would be 3days Istanbul, trip to Gallipoli (2days) then 2 days Cappodokia. We would like to just take 1 75L pack between us all as dd will be in a backpack carrier. We intend to use the buses as we have heard they are very good.
Will we be able to easily buy pampers or huggies? What about food, baby food? although she is eating quite a bit of finger food. We will take her formula with us.
Any recommendations for budget accomodation in Istanbul that is close to everything?
Any help greatfully received...

Blackduck Tue 01-Feb-05 09:34:36

Pampers readily available.....No idea about jars of food, we fed ds on finger food...

Chuffed Tue 01-Feb-05 09:54:11

are they more expensive than uk?

Chuffed Tue 01-Feb-05 09:56:01

blackduck where in Turkey did you go? Was there many high chairs around to feed finger food?

Blackduck Tue 01-Feb-05 10:11:46

Price-wise can't remember (don't think they were more - might have been the same...) I went on a sunsail holiday so can't really comment on availability of high chairs in the average place...You could try taking one of those 'bolt on to the table' chairs (mostly fabric with a metal frame so fold flat and not horrendously expensive...!) Have to say I stick ds on my lap if desparate!

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