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What toys has your 2 yo loved? Looking for ideas for my dd's birthday next month.

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joorla Thu 03-Jul-08 20:25:17

There's so much choice I just dont know where to start and I don't want to waste money on something that she will only play with for a month or two.

Any recommendations??

PortBlacksandRegeneration Thu 03-Jul-08 20:36:08


Bubble Buckets (with different 'wands'.

Bubble Machines.

You can't go wrong with Bubbles at that age!

(Tescos have some fab bubble stuff inc. 1 litre bubble mixtures.)

Ready4anotherCoffee Thu 03-Jul-08 20:37:26

the velcro fruit and veg is very popular with both my older dcs (4 & 2) try ELC, toys r us, monstercare or similar. Also tea set stuff is popular, they love imitating. I drink gallons of pretend tea some days!

bodiddly Thu 03-Jul-08 20:37:50

Something from the Fisher Price little people range ... the farm or zoo went down well in our house!

poshtottie Thu 03-Jul-08 21:02:45

my ds is 2 this month, we have bought an art eisel from elc and lots of paints etc. We have also bought an etch a sketch though its aged three we think he will enjoy it. He has a bubble machine which is great fun either at bathtime or in the garden. He got a sand pit from his grandparents as an early gift and he absolutely loves it.

mamabea Thu 03-Jul-08 21:06:46

a plastic kitchen- she loves it (now over 3).

also, very inexpensive Russian Doll (the ones with smaller dolls inside each).

AllBuggiedOut Thu 03-Jul-08 21:07:28

Definitely kitchen/play food/microwave etc etc. And jigsaws. Orchard toys ones are great.

MuffinMclay Thu 03-Jul-08 21:39:13


or are those just boy things?

squeaver Thu 03-Jul-08 21:46:34


tea set


Animals from ELC

Cars/vehicles etc

Fairies stuff from ELC

muffinmum Sun 06-Jul-08 00:21:52

happyland stuff from elc is a big hit

tea set,she played with one on hols that was all kept inside a big clear tea pot and she LOVED that

loads of play doh and glueing and sticking stuff

books,books,books: all the blue kangaroo ones and sandra boynton ones for my 2yr old

bags, all shapes and sizes,my dds fave at the moment is a kids cool bag from saino's!

Olihan Sun 06-Jul-08 00:23:11

Definitely kitchen and all associated paraphenalia - all 3 of mine adore ours and it's probably the most played with toy that we own.

Amphibimum Sun 06-Jul-08 00:25:46

er, cardboard box? 2yos play with anything and everything. except lovingly thought out toys ime grin

dinkystinky Mon 07-Jul-08 10:51:10

bubblemachine is always a great hit.

We also gave him for Christmas a toy car he can motor around on - he loves it (and spends time "cleaning" it - so sweet).

For our DS's 2nd birthday we gave him a trike - he adores his and loves going on it in the garden, to the shops, to the park, etc.

Teapots, hoovers, anything house-related also huge hits (though at present his favourite toy is a wooden spoon from our kitchen as he likes pretending to be little cook from Big Cook Little Cook - go figure!)

eandh Mon 07-Jul-08 10:54:34

We bought dd1 the ELC kitchen for her 2nd birthday (plus family bought her some accessories to go with it ie kettle/play food/play cake/till etc) she'll be 4 soon and she has played with that kitchen almost every day and dd2 (18months) loves putting things on the stove(makes a noise) and clattering pans etc best thing we have ever ever ever bought!

Kewcumber Mon 07-Jul-08 10:55:45

brio trains and track

Twinkie1 Mon 07-Jul-08 10:59:32

A kitchen - I would splash out and get a wooden one though - they look lovely and last.

elfsmummy Mon 07-Jul-08 10:59:41

DD is 2.2

Push chair played with daily (get one with a basket on the back as she loves transporting things around in it - especially dishwasher tablets hmm)also dolls cot and car seat (plus obviously the dolls!

Play kitchen and tea set

Play dough cutters etc (make the play dough - the stuff from shops is too sticky - and expensive) Play dough is the one "craft" thing that she will play with alone for literally hours on end.

madm00se Mon 07-Jul-08 11:04:10

Toy till-Niamh's been playing at "paying" (shooping) for the last 3/4 wks-and I've now bought her a toy till from Woolies-reduced from £15 to a £10. Has a little conveyor belf & microphone, money-coins & paper, credit cards to swipe! Basked & food.

joorla Thu 10-Jul-08 19:28:05

Thanks for all the great ideas - think I'm going to get her a kitchen, can anyone recommend one as they seem to vary in price a lot?

choufleur Thu 10-Jul-08 19:32:13

playdoh - ds will spend ages with the stuff.


toy animals and farm (or zoo type ting depending which animals ds puts in it - sometimes i'm a bit worried about that the lions are going to eat the cow wink)


AuntieMaggie Thu 10-Jul-08 19:35:27


yomellamoHelly Thu 10-Jul-08 19:39:41

A colour doodle. Don't have to worry about leaving them with pens. Ds1 played with it every day for a couple of years. My nephew (2.5) also loves the one we bought for him.

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