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Ryan Air with under 2s

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jane313 Mon 31-Jan-05 20:13:53

Do they let you board first? My friend claims easyjet does but I couldn't find anything about it on their website

Tissy Mon 31-Jan-05 20:17:49

yes, in fact over 2 they let you board first as well. It's like Easyjet in that it's free seating, but elderly and those with kids, or who need special help get on first.


jane313 Mon 31-Jan-05 20:19:03

great. thanks

Fennel Mon 31-Jan-05 20:37:21

are all the cheapie airlines like this? we are going on Jet2 (which I've never heard of before) with 3 under 5's and I am a bit concerned we might not get to sit together - though maybe that would be actually only a problem with the people who have to sit by an anxious lone toddler?

beansontoast Mon 31-Jan-05 20:42:20

flying out they let kids and co on first,but coming back they didnt! [that was from Pau,France]

Skribble Wed 02-Feb-05 13:16:48

They will call people with young children forward first, but at both Prestwick and Beuvais it was a bit of a battle, every one stands round the boarding area, business type people seem the worst. Go through early enough to boarding to sus out where the actual gate is, ask the staff where to go for your flight, they will be busy and will usually help especially if you have small kids. Facilities are usually very limited once in boarding lounge and very crowded.

Make sure your hand luggage is easy to handle backpacks are best not shoulder bags that slide down your arm and get caught on things and bang on other childrens heads (that probably just me).

Be a bit pushy and a bit european, its only us brits that queue politely!!

moondog Wed 02-Feb-05 13:19:09

Yes, just push through to the front looking confident going 'Excuse ME! Excuse ME!'
It is in everyone's interests to get the littlies settled and happy.
Just about to take a 3 plane journey home to the UK with a 4 yr old and a 6 mth old. I will be VERY forthright indeed!

collision Wed 02-Feb-05 13:21:08

I agree with Skribble. Push forward to the front and look pathetic and overworked and they will let you on first.

Jet2 is a new airline so I dont know anything about it but I would do the same thing.

Am flying to the UK tomorrow with my 2 boys and am VERY excited!

Fennel Wed 02-Feb-05 13:34:59

but this is the problem. I could be good at pushing to the front on my own but with 3 under 5s + all the assorted junk that entails we just don't move fast or smoothly through crowds. not much chance of us ending up all of us together at the front. far more chance someone is changing a nappy or off hunting for a toilet at the crucial moment.

Skribble Thu 03-Feb-05 23:18:26

Its not going to be easy fennel. Have you checked with airline if you can take buggy right up to plane? Best to check access with airport though as Prestwick involves a lot of stairs but Beauvais is on the level. Usually you can take buggy to bottom of plane stairs and the will put it into the hold from there and bring it back to there for disembarking. Not much use if faced with 2 flights of stairs though.

Your timing is going to have to be amazing to get them all ready to board and to the front when called. If appropriate I would seriously consider pull ups incase of bad timimg, a baby carrier for the smallest so two hands free and the biggest backpack they will allow (don't try two bags or anything else it ain't gonna happen). You will have to really think about what you will need for the flight.

If one of them is big enough fill a small pack pack with little things to amuse them. Go for the novelty of miniture e.g. pencils, colouring books etc but keep it light the last thing you want is to carry this as well.

This is one of the times when sweets are completely necesary!!! Bribe bribe bribe. Not chocolate (very messy) and not to much colours. Can work to your advantage to have a hyperactive toddler covered in chocolate though. They will soon swap seats .

Seriously though if you have timed it wrong and board late people will swap.

Remember you will never see a German or French mum covered in baby food meekly struggling to get through, dragging half of mothercare behind her. No she will march to the front with her immaculate children and a spare nappy and wipes in her designer matching hand bag .

(no offense meant to any immaculate european mums, were just jealous).

dancer77 Thu 03-Feb-05 23:43:38

Ryan air do let you board first, but be careful with excess baggage they seem to pretty hot on that. we got stung when coming home they charged us nearly £100 for ds travel cot. Didn't on the way out though. So that was a nice end to the holiday. They took our passports at the check in and wouldn't let us have them back until we had paid it. Dh was fuming! The thing that annoyed me with them is that they have absolutely no allowance for babies, and you have more to take than if you've got older children. Even if you bought a ticket for a child under 2 they wouldn't let them have a baggage allowance, where as BA who we have just flown with let ds take his own hand luggage on board. I think they are definately no frills as they say!

Skribble Thu 03-Feb-05 23:49:08

Thats an important point I didn't see any one challenged on the way out but on the way back ther were loads queued up to pay the excess.

Babys certainly can't take their designer hand bags.

(Drawers make good cots for small babies, thats wooden chests of drawers not knickers!!!) .

Fennel Fri 04-Feb-05 15:18:10

big knickers might be ok - like a small hammock

cannot envisage my children immaculate but will indeed try to streamline. backpacks for children good idea except they do tend to unpack them on the airport floor while waiting - yet more clutter to slow us down.

will just have to not stress and remember it won't be my problem if my 3 year old is on the other side of the plane....

MummytoSteven Fri 04-Feb-05 15:25:40

easyjet lets you board first with under 5s. (flew last week with them to Amsterdam(.

tarantula Fri 04-Feb-05 15:33:34

Weve always had priority boarding when with kids even with a very tall 12 yr old we were taken to the front of the queue by a member of staff. Even if your partner is off changing a nappy etc you can still board with 1 or two children and nab all the seats you need. I dont think that people will fight to sit next to 3 excited toddlers so you do have a big advantage there. Most ailine staff are reasonably child friendly and will make sure you are on board before they board others as its also in their interest to have the kids settled and happy and not blocking the way as others try to board.

TwoIfBySea Thu 10-Feb-05 21:39:38

Our ds twins first flight was Ryanair when they were 22 months old.

They do call people with small children to board first although some parents took that to mean teenagers! At Prestwick and at Hahn people were bunched up at the gates waiting but we just pushed through them with a very loud *excuse me!* The staff as well were very really good in telling people to get out of the way and let us through, quite rude to some of them which was fun to watch! We just sat and waited until they did call us, knowing that they would and we didn't need to get into the scrum!

Also, on the flight on the way out the attendents were brilliant, a couple of Spanish girls who kept coming up to fuss over ds twins! They gave us the advice of using a baby bottle or sports top bottle for them to suck during take-off/landing to pop the ears rather than sweets etc. And it worked!

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