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Anyone know Torrevieja near Murcia?

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Fionn Sat 18-Jan-03 12:51:44

We're thinking of renting an appartment from an acquaintance in Torrevieja, between Alicante and Murcia, this spring. Does anyone know this area? I'm not a beach fanatic so want to make sure there's other stuff to do/places to visit. Our sons are 2 and 4.

jac34 Sat 18-Jan-03 15:12:55

My MIL lives in Torrevieja, so we visit quite frequently. Our boys are 4 now, but we have been visiting since they were about 9 months.
We have been in April one year but found it a bit cold for swimming, which the boys love.It is also a bit cooler in the evening then, so we tended to sit inside at resturants which I found quite stressful when they were younger, I'd rather sit out side or eat at home.
There is a Safari Park/zoo between Santa Pola and Murcia, which was alright( if a bit grotty).The best things are the Water parks but again a bit nippy that time of year.
There is quite alot to see though, Murcia is worth a visit, as is Alicante, and there are lots of small beeches along the coast, most with play areas on them.I quite liked La Manga, which is sort of a penninsular with sea on one side and a sea water lagoon on the other. The sea, of course has waves but the lagoon is completely still, and about knee deep, miles in from the edge, very unusual, and good bathing for the kids.
If you went more into May, then I think you might find you are able to do more, as it will be slightly warmer, I know we tend to avoid going in April now.

jac34 Sat 18-Jan-03 15:21:39

There is also some kind of bird park/seaworld thing in Benedorm, which might be worth a visit, which is proberbly open all year round.
We have not been as DH hates Benedorm, and is generally tight with money and thought it was too expensive !!!

Fionn Sun 19-Jan-03 23:09:14

Thanks very much for that jac34. I just need to sort out flights for after Easter (feeling guilty about taking 4 year-old out of nursery school but it's so much cheaper). Is Granada possible in a day trip from there or is it too far? Went once before and was amazed by the Alambra. Also, do you know roughly what the temperature would be in early/mid May or a website that could tell me that info? Thanks!

jac34 Thu 23-Jan-03 17:02:39

Hi Fionn,
I think Grenada may be a bit far for a day trip, we thought of visiting Valancia which is about 3hours away, but I think if we do, we may find somewhere to stay over.
I think in May, it was in the mid 70's, the boys were fine with cream on and hats, we did not get bothered that much by mosquitoes, that time of year but there were a few, so be perpared !!

Lara2 Mon 27-Jan-03 20:05:09

There's a new museum/aquarium in Valencia which is SO brilliant!!! Definately worth a visit. It can be cold on the Costa Blanca in the Spring, so take fleeces! But usually very pleasant.I wouldn't swim at that time of year though! Benidorm is a good crack - but that's me remembering it from being an ex-pat dying for a decent plate of fish& chips!! Still, it has a lovely beach! It has a wildlife park, but hate the dolphins!Granada is too far for one day, stay over and see the Alhambra - so stunninig! If you're down that far, you may as well pay Seville a vivit - another over-night stay though.

Fionn Mon 27-Jan-03 21:42:58

Lara2 - thanks for the tips but unfortunately I don't think we can go now. The prices are such that we would only go in term time and ds is already missing nursery for a week in March for Centerparcs, and with Easter in the middle of April there won't be time to go before the prices go up in May. Maybe in a few years time! I visited the Alhambra and Seville years ago and will definitely go back one day!

Lara2 Wed 29-Jan-03 19:45:21

What a shame - it is a great place to go, and still cheaper then living here. Where ever you end up, have a lovely time!

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