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self-catering cottages

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blotto Wed 26-Jan-05 15:21:31

Please can anyone recommend a self-catering cottage? This will be our first holiday as a family and as the twins will only be just over a year old (June 2005) we just want somewhere that we can rely on to be clean and secure and safe. Location needs to be South-ish and we want somewhere either rural or seaside - not city centre. All we areplanning on doing is going for walks eating out and then sleeping!

Has anyone been somewhere they could recommend which ticks all of the boxes?

harrogatemum Wed 26-Jan-05 15:59:04

Hi blotto - sorry I'm not adding any useful answers but I'm also keen on taking my twins away in the summer to a cottage so if you find one that has two cots i will be interested in the results!

Fimbo Wed 26-Jan-05 16:18:38

We have been to a couple of Hoseason's cottages and have booked again with them for this year. It may be worth having a look on their website and I think they have a helpline for asking questions. Sorry not good at links but the address is

janeybops Wed 26-Jan-05 16:25:44

we went to Saundersfoot in South Wales last year. very nice little fmaily type seaside town. great beach for kids. booked through Powells which is a local comapny. Found them on the internet. The cottage we had was nice but very echoey so too noisy with little ones. However, there seemed to be a lot of cottages for rent there.

Aero Wed 26-Jan-05 16:30:13

We booked ours this year from this website. They have loads to choose from.

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 26-Jan-05 16:47:16

I've been booking with Classic Cottages for about 15 years now - the properties and location have always been superb.

The staff are very helpful and I'm sure arranging 2 cots would not be a problem. They know each property really well and would be able to help you find something that suits your family.

Hulababy Wed 26-Jan-05 20:31:17

We generally use Welcome Cottages ( Have used them a number of time throughout England and in France, and they have always been excellent to deal with, and very reasonably priced.

csa Fri 28-Jan-05 13:29:52

blotto, if suffolk is south-ish enough for you, we went to a really nice cottage over the new year. 2 bedrooms. clean, warm and owners (who lived next door) were very friendly. nice spacious living room with cd player, video and dvd and even kids videos and board games for the adults. they had 1 cot and 1 high chair but when they heard there were going to be 2 kiddies, they volunteered to go get another set although we declined their offer as we were bringing our own travel cots. the cottage is called Wood End in a village called Wissett. It is about 20 to 30 minutes drive to the beach. We booked it through the cottages4you website.
good luck with your search.

blotto Fri 04-Feb-05 14:33:01

Thanks for all of the suggestions. I now have some good ideas and lots to look into when I get the time.........

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