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somewhere warm, not too many hours travel with some childcare for 2yr old?

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tab Wed 26-Jan-05 08:37:41

Im pregnant,23 weeks, and we were toying with idea of a week away as dh has some time off work and we havent had a hol for ages. Thought it might be a good opp before new babe arrives. However, we're both knackered and as much as we love ds (2 1/2) we would really like some kind of creche facility. Ive looked in some brochures and it seems that children have to be 3 or 4 before they get this facility during wintertime! Really would like to go somewhere a little warmer but not more than about 4 hours flying - say Tunisia, Cyprus or Lanzarote? Has anybody been away this time of year or know of a company/hotel that provides 2yr old care at this time of year?? Or just tell me its impossible and I'll just eat chocolate instead!

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