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Who counts when we're booking a holiday?

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fisil Tue 25-Jan-05 13:52:10

Never done package/off the peg holidays with children before, so can you help ... we want to go off on holiday while I'm on maternity leave to make the most of being able to go in term time. How many are there in our party?

ds1 will be 2
ds2 will be c. 8 weeks

Does that count as 2 babies OR 1 child, 1 baby, OR 1 child OR 1 baby?

galaxy Tue 25-Jan-05 13:53:19

1 child
1 baby

suzywong Tue 25-Jan-05 13:53:40

you may find that neither child needs to be paid for, are you trying to do it from the internet? Those forms are very rigid aren't they, can you try and speak to a human at the holiday company

Pamina3 Tue 25-Jan-05 13:54:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pamina3 Tue 25-Jan-05 13:56:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fisil Tue 25-Jan-05 13:57:10

lol pamina!

Yes, I think you're right suzywong, I will have to speak to a human - the internet is just overwhelming!

Bozza Tue 25-Jan-05 14:05:20

When I booked for DD before she was born I just put question marks in her first name and sex and 0 in the age.

fisil Tue 25-Jan-05 14:07:49

I've just thought - how long do passports take? If he's late (which he will be) I might have to fill out the forms in the delivery room!

Blu Tue 25-Jan-05 14:13:44

First you have to get the birth certificate - which if you are in a busy area can take a while - but the passport should come within 2 weeks - or you can do that express service.
You need a picture of the baby full face, no parent in pic, eyes open....

fisil Tue 25-Jan-05 14:17:02

Ah yes, the birth certificate. That will need to be booked quickly. Photo was no problem last time, a shop in town was very happy to oblige and knew all the rules. And of course having doting grandparents living in Peterborough always helps when it comes to sorting out passports!

fisil Wed 26-Jan-05 18:24:52

Yeah - booked our holiday to Stoupa. Had to put down baby as "infant X" and then his surname! Really excited.

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