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FuerteVentura Girl Holiday

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fairyfly Sun 23-Jan-05 11:23:40

Is it hot enough to get you brown? What is an absolute must to do. I need information as i want to get excited while sitting in my cold house in a miserable mood.

tiredemma Sun 23-Jan-05 11:37:45

yes, its hot all year round so you will get a good tan.
where are you staying?
visit the sand dunes of corralejo and take the boat trip to isla de lobos off the north coast.
its a very quiet island though compared to the othere canary isles

fairyfly Sun 23-Jan-05 11:41:30

I have no idea where i am staying, do you know how long it takes from one end of the island to the other. I will make a note of what you just said. Quiet is good, very good.

tiredemma Sun 23-Jan-05 12:03:03

its quiet a large island, id imagine about 2hrs/2.5.
there is lots of nice markets on the island and the fish resturants are particulary good.
have you booked an allocation on arrival?

fairyfly Sun 23-Jan-05 17:21:37

Yeh its all booked i just don't know where, a friend has taken care of it all. I Love fish reataurants, so exciting.

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