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isle of wight- Anyone one been?

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homebird11 Sat 22-Jan-05 08:48:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

golds Sat 22-Jan-05 08:58:19

Don't know the hotel, but personally I love the IOW. We went to Dominican Republic for our honeymoon and IOW for our 1st Anniversary, I preferred the IOW. Went back few years later with family and had a great time again.

The island is so small that nowhere is far away, Black Gang Chine is a good place to visit, the model village etc etc How old our your kids ?

I would love to go this year, but now we have moved to Staffs its a heck of a long journey. Also the ferry is good as you 'feel' as if you are going further away. Have a good time if you decide to go.

Wondermom Sat 22-Jan-05 12:59:55

I went a few years ago and stayed in a nice Hotel in Shanklin. Hotel was o.k but didn't like the IOW to be honest. Victorian seaside town, whole island a bit dated and a bit behind the times. Don't mind this if a place is 'quaint' and 'olde worlde' but it wasn't atall. It's just my personal opinion, but it wasn't for us... Sorry.

Merlot Sat 22-Jan-05 16:03:23

Not stayed at the hotel in question, but loved isle of wight when we went.

We stayed at Totland (near the needles), very quiet and open. Ventnor was very picturesque and we found that there were lovely walks in around the place to do, but our ds1 was only 13 months, so still transportable in a back pack.

Just taken a peek at the Old Park's website - it looks lovely

amynnixmum Sat 22-Jan-05 16:13:47

We love the IOW and will probably go their for a week this year ourselves. Blackgang Chine is good but if you have little ones you may find that they are limited as to what rides they can go on.
I remember loving Robin Hill as a child too but like Blackgang there are age and size restrictions. Last year dd was 5 and ds nearly 4. We took them to Flamingo Park and Colemans Animal Farm both of which they really enjoyed. We also took them to Alum Bay where they filled their own glass ornament with coloured sand and went down to the beach on the chair lift which they thought was great. We also took them for a ride on the Steam Train which they enjoyed but tbh went on for a bit too long for them. IOW has some nice beaches too.

RosiePosie Sat 22-Jan-05 16:54:37

I live on the island, we moved over here 18 months ago, and as with everywhere, there are lovely parts and not so lovely parts. It's pretty diverse. Wondermom - yes there are a few seedy Seaside towns, a bit run down, old fashioned etc, but there are also some lovely places. About 20 beaches to choose from - from large and sandy, to secluded bays. There are many tourist attractions, aimed at the British family holiday makers - some are pretty cheesy! There is a lot of really beatiful countryside to explore, many scenic villages. As a rule, the east side of the island is quite touristy and British seasidey, whilst the west and south side is very rural, panaromic, peaceful. Visitors are generally well catered for all over, though - it's the islands main source of economy!

RTKangaMummy Sat 22-Jan-05 17:01:33


is this it?

My dad was born and bred on IOW and we went there severeal times a year as a child

brill place for children they will love it.

homebird11 Mon 24-Jan-05 10:44:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Martini Tue 01-Feb-05 20:37:54

We stayed at Old Park last September with DDs 2.5 & 4mnths. It was perfect for us as had huge suite with 2 bedrooms & bathroom so could escape from babes at nightime. Out of school hols is pretty good value for money too.

It's a bit old fashioned and not as swanky as the top of the range luxury family hotel but its a lovely old place with nice grounds, good facilities e.g. swimming pool, soft play, and nice staff. The food is fine although not gourmet. Its nice having seperate family and grown up dinners for those who want to escape children. They also have entertainment for adults & kids - sometimes a bit cheesy but fun.

The OP & IOW are perfect if you like a traditional English seaside hols - we used to go a similar hotel in IOW every year when I was a child and its just the same as I remembered. IOW is v small so you can go everywhere in a day. Its got safe beaches, all things minature (model villages, trains etc), animal parks, steam trains, Blackgang Chine - one of the first ever theme parks, country walks (not to rufty tufty),country houses, gardens, vineyards.

Its not to everyone's taste and older kids might find it a bit tame but if you get good weather and like trad English seaside its great. Also VG if you are into sailing.

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