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easyjet and bugaboo?

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ImpatientGriselda Fri 06-Jun-08 13:03:18

We're off to France from Gatwick with easyjet at the end of June, and our DD will only be 4.5 months, so I wanted to take the carrycot bit and chassis of bugaboo chameleon - anyone had any experience of taking this to the gate and getting it on the plane? Do they let you do it? Any tips?


ScarletPimpernel1976 Fri 06-Jun-08 13:30:41

I have just flown to France and back on Easyjet and was allowed to take my pushchair (small Maclaren) up to the door of the aircraft and then the staff placed it in the hold. You cannot take a buggy or a carrycot onto the plane. On the way back in France we had to check in the pushchair with the rest of our luggage so might be an idea to take a sling.

ImpatientGriselda Sat 07-Jun-08 09:11:20

Thanks ScarletPimpernel; will definitely take a sling (although DD not keen...)
Good to know that they might do things differently on the French side.

I was hoping that if I collapsed the bugaboo and put it in a travel bag at the door of the aircraft that they might let me put it in the hold - anyone have any experience of that?

bookswapper Wed 11-Jun-08 22:35:14

it is such such a faff putting the bug in the travel bag even when in the departure lounge never mind airside....we now always check ours in in the bag (its free) and carry ds to the plane!

ImpatientGriselda Sat 21-Jun-08 09:08:56

Thanks Bookswapper ; so if you check it in it doesn't count towards your luggage allowance? Might do that, if that's the case...

spicemonster Sat 21-Jun-08 09:12:18

no it doesn't count in your bag allowance

ilovemydog Sat 21-Jun-08 09:15:56

been on easyjet with Bugaboo - you cannot bring it into the cabin. At least this has been my experience.

On your way to destination, you bring to the plane (or check in desk depending on airport) and collect it from baggage claim shock

My suggestion is to let everyone get off the plane which gives you room to put on sling. Plus with the rush to get off the plane, with the baby in a sling, some people don't realize you are carrying a baby!

ImpatientGriselda Tue 24-Jun-08 20:43:47

top tips, thank you folks!

ImpatientGriselda Wed 09-Jul-08 19:43:11

Update; checked in Bugaboo in Bugaboo travel case; and was also able to stuff case with toys, blankets etc which therefore did not count in our baggage allowance!

Another time I'd take our car seat as well; the one that we were provided with the hire car saw DD ending the journey tilted forward and bent double with her head twisted to one side - it would not have been safe for her if I'd braked sharply, let alone been in an accident...

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