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Who's been to Copenhagen?

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Beatie Thu 20-Jan-05 20:29:23

I know there's someone here who has!

I am considering it as a city break at the beginning of June. Our dd will be 2.6.

Is there plenty to do?
What will the weather be like in early June?
Can we eat on a budget or is it all pricey?

Any other tips ideas would be welcome.

zubb Thu 20-Jan-05 20:38:38

I've been but not sure if I'll be much help as we left ds with grandparents when we went, so spent a lot of time in bars and good restaurants!
For kids there are some great parks, Tivoli gardens, boat trips round the harbour, a zoo - and the city is easy to walk round with kids.
Copenhagen is on the same latitude as Edinburgh (useless fact!) so June will be fine but variable.

Caribbeanqueen Thu 20-Jan-05 20:39:15

I went quite a while ago, it's lovely. The weather should be OK but I remember it being quite expensive. There were quite a lot of restaurants though so you should be able to find reasonably priced stuff.

Sorry I don't know about things to do as it wasn't a holiday.

pootlepod Thu 20-Jan-05 20:44:26

I have.

In fact, every other post I've done in the last week has been on Copenhagen.

June is a good time as it's light, I think in early June you may miss the school holidays but I have only been there in August when they are mostly all back at school. You may need a raincoat/cagole thingy but it should be pleasant.

We have usually camped and not eaten out much but from what I remember it's reasonable. Might be worth taking/buying a picnic set (including knife etc) so that for 1 meal a day you can buy a picnic from supermarkets and eat outside.

Good things to see/do-Tivoli, aquarium (north of Copenhagen), strolling around, canal boat trip, there's a wide selection of musuems. Also, with a short train trip you can get to Helsingor for Hamlet's castle, Koge for ancient town stuff.

Denmark is very good for cycling and has some nice beaches if you are very lucky with the weather. The youth hostels are supposed to be very pleasant and family friendly too, but we always camped so can't verify that.

Beatie Thu 20-Jan-05 20:49:19

Is it safe for walking around at night? Are restaurants child-friendly?

JanH Thu 20-Jan-05 20:50:44

If you have a few days do go to Legoland Billund - it is absolutely lovely, a marvellous day out and has reasonably priced restaurants. And much nicer than Windsor from the reports I've heard.

Our visit to Copenhagen was just for one day out of 3 in Denmark but we did enjoy it very much and would like to go back for longer. We went on a boat trip, which was fantastic, with a brilliant guide and an altercation between one of the resident houseboats and our boat-trip boat! (And you get to see the Little Mermaid.) Didn't have time for Tivoli or anything else much in the city centre.

Most of the Danish people we met spoke excellent English. We didn't find any budget restaurants but an all-you-can-eat pizza restaurant was good value.

Avalon Thu 20-Jan-05 20:52:30

I went in October/November? - can't remember exactly and it was surprisingly warm. We spent a weekend there with 3 kids and they didn't get bored, but they are older than yours.

You can get a tourist pass that gives you free train travel, bus travel and free entrance to the museum, Tivoli and zoo.

Tivoli amusement park - right in the centre of the city, near the station. Good fun, but expensive. The tourist pass gives you free entry to the park, but you then have to pay for the rides.

The museum has a special children's section - dressing up, life-size replica Viking longboat to play in, section of a classroom, ship's bridge, castle-y thing I think, Indian village house. My kids enjoyed this more than anything else we took them to!

The zoo is good too, and big. They've got little pull along trucks that kids sit on and make their parents do the work - you pay a small amount to hire them. There's a special kids' section of the zoo with pony rides and a big play area.

Food - I can't remember the prices but I think they were on the high side. Our hotel provided breakfast and a buffet style evening meal (it was a business type hotel) so we only had to pay extra for lunch.

JanH Thu 20-Jan-05 21:19:54

Visit Denmark looks useful.

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